March Lufthansa “Mileage Bargains” – half price Business Class to numerous destinations

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We have previously sung the praises of Lufthansa’s monthly “Mileage Bargains” offer, which let’s you redeem your Lufthansa Miles&More loyalty miles at roughly half the usual redemption rates.

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The real value with Lufthansa’s Mileage Bargains are in the Business Class redemptions. While you will have to pay a fairly hefty tax/fee supplement, you will get great value for your miles – making the overall redemption very competitive value.

This month (March) offers a decent selection of long haul Business Class options, with some interesting options included. Highlights for me are Delhi, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo and… Tehran (sanctions are lifted… why not?) 

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More generally, the full range of long haul Business Class options from the UK this month are:

  • Abuja (was 70k now 40k miles)
  • Dubai (was 70k now 40k miles)
  • Lagos (was 70k now 40k miles)
  • Luanda (was 70k now 40k miles)
  • Malabo (was 70k now 40k miles)
  • Port Harcourt (was 70k now 40k miles)
  • Tehran (was 70k now 40k miles)
  • Delhi (was 105k now 55k miles)
  • Mumbai (was 105k now 55k miles)
  • Washington (was 105k now 55k miles)
  • Beijing (was 135k now 70k miles)
  • Hong Kong (was 135k now 70k miles)
  • Osaka (was 135k now 70k miles)
  • Seoul (was 135k now 70k miles)
  • Shanghai (was 135k now 70k miles)
  • Tokyo (was 135k now 70k miles)

The options for the UK flyer are good, with many of the flights departing from a range of domestic airports, including Aberdeen, Birmingham International, London City, London Heathrow and Manchester.

It’s worth noting that there’s also a range of Economy Class flights with Miles&More partner Swiss, offered at an impressive 10K (rather than 30K) miles:

cheap lufthansa flights

As noted above, Mileage Bargains are particularly attractive given the notoriously heavy taxes Lufthansa imposes on its reward flights: when you’re using half the miles you would otherwise expect to use, this is much easier to swallow.

Check your particular flight, but in the majority of cases you need to book by 31 March 2016, and fly between 1 July and 15 August 2016.

You can read our comprehensive guide to booking Mileage Bargains, here.

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