Retain Your Expiring Hilton Honors Status with Just One Stay!

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When everybody is elite, then nobody is… Hilton Honors seems to be making a subtle change to that common expression. With Hilton, it seems that “once you become elite, you will always remain elite”…

Hilton Honors is slowly rolling out a promotion that selected members are eligible for. Called “Tier Last Call”, it allows members to extend their soon-to-expire elite status for one year by merely staying ONE night before 31 March, 2023. (checkout on or before that date)

The original version of this promotion was only available to members based in China. Members based elsewhere are also having success registering for this promotion…

To try your luck, you can visit these webpages:

It is worth noting that the FAQs for this promotion mention a 2-stay requirement for retaining Gold status. 2 stays is still quite a simple task, so it might be worth completing two stays before 31 March, 2023 – especially if your status doesn’t automatically extend after your first stay.

With all Hilton Honors promotions, award stays are considered to be qualifying stays. So, you could even extend your status for another year simply by redeeming your points. (you do need to check into the hotel though – Mattress Running 101…)

For the avoidance of doubt, this promotion will only extend your status until 31 March, 2024.  If you renewed or upgraded your elite status in 2022, you already enjoy status until that date – therefore this promotion will do nothing for you and your registration will surely be rejected.

Bottom Line

After all of the COVID-related extensions, rollover nights, double elite night credits, etc.  it really comes as no surprise that Hilton Honors still wants to hang on to any members holding elite status. So, if you were due to lose your Hilton status this March, you now have a second chance to keep it for yet another year.

Were you successful registering for this promotion? Let us know in the comments section…


  1. Andrew M says

    Nothing showing for me yet but I’ll keep checking. It would be a great way to maintain status if it is rolled out more widely.

  2. Gordon says

    What is the point of making a post like this? Anyone eligible will be targeted and the rest of us just get pissed off with a message saying we aren’t eligible 🙄

    • Andrew M says

      Not everyone will get an email from Hilton about the offer. Some people may have marketing communications turned off in their account settings.

    • Craig Sowerby says

      Keep checking back… Like I mentioned in the article, the promotion is being rolled out haphazardly.

      As for the point of writing these posts, I suppose you are saying that I should have never written about the IHG instant Diamond promotion either – even though lots of readers took advantage of the promo despite never being emailed…

  3. Mark says

    Nothing from me as a diamond status who has only stayed with them once this year due to one thing and another.

  4. John browell says

    Not eligible here. My Diamond expires end of March 2023. I have thoroughly enjoyed having it over the last fee years, having had some brilliant upgrades to suites, mainly in Scotland. But post covid, work travel has died off, so I won’t miss it too much, except the free breakfasts.
    And it all started after I read a post on here about a status match, and managed a few simple mattress runs as part of that. And the extra diamond points built up substantially, contributing to an almost free NYC family stay at a Conrad, back in October.
    So thanks very much for the inspiration

    • Craig Sowerby says

      Cheers John. I would try again in a few days or weeks…

      As for your Diamond status, are you not quite eligible for the one-off Diamond extension? (250 nights required)

      • john browell says

        I didn’t think I would be, but I don’t know my total number of lifetime nights. So I will copy you and email them to ask. I doubt I am anywhere near 250, probably under 100.

      • John browell says

        This evening I just had an email saying I was successfully registered for the promotion, despite not having tried again.
        So need 1 stay to retain Diamond until March 2024. And luckily have just organised a work stay at a Hilton for next week. Done.

        Thanks again for the tip Craig. I love this site, where my fascination with miles, points, status, and upgrades all began.

  5. Suart says

    To retain diamond i did a few mattress runs in November and December and spent a few hundred pounds doing so… i don’t think I’ll bother if I’m in the same position at the end of this year

  6. dave says

    just received an email to say “you’re automatically registered! Secure elite status with 1 stay” that means I get to keep my Diamond status. Hopefully it should update once I stay 1 night by end of March

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