Lost Track of Your British Airways Vouchers? Here’s an Easy Way to Find Them

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British Airways’ Book with Confidence policy has been operating for nearly two and a half years. Although it no longer applies to new bookings, 2.5 years is a long time to be keeping track of long-cancelled flights and their associated vouchers. Even if you keep a meticulously clean inbox, those precious emails from British Airways might be buried beneath far less valuable emails you couldn’t quite manage to delete or archive.

Luckily, British Airways has implemented a functionality that will help. You simply must visit this British Airways webpage.

You then enter your email address and, within seconds, you should receive an email from British Airways detailing your outstanding eVouchers.

Bottom Line

With British Airways eVouchers due to expire on 30 September 2023 – although I suspect that this date might be extended rather than risk the wrath of the British press – it will become increasingly important to keep track of your outstanding eVouchers. Luckily British Airways has now made it easy.

Just make sure that you have a strong password on your email account, as British Airways has now made it easier for malicious hackers  (rather than the travel hacker variety! 😉 ) to track down your stash of valuable eVouchers…

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