Is the 9 Euro ‘Unlimited’ 1-Month German Rail Pass As Good As It Sounds?

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Most train travel enthusiasts must have heard about the German €9 ticket this summer. The ticket allows you to travel on public transport throughout Germany for a month. Sounds too good to be true? Let’s examine the pros and cons of this ticket.

Travel through Germany for €9

The €9 ticket was introduced by the Federal Government to encourage the use of public transport and to ease the effects of inflation and rocketing energy bills this summer. For only € 9, you can travel by train, metro, tram and bus throughout Germany for a month. The ticket is valid in June, July and August for an entire calendar month from the start of each month.

Travel by train through Germany for € 9.- for a month. (Source: Deutsche Bahn)

Sounds fantastic doesn’t it?  See the whole of Germany for a mere 9 Euros! Let’s take a look at what this ticket does and doesn’t offer.


  • Easy to buy – available online on the DB website as well as station ticket machines.
  • Travel on all U- Bahns, S-Bahns, trams, local trains and regional trains
  • Children under 6 travel free


  • The ticket is not valid on the long distance trains such as the IC and the ICE
  • It is  non-transferable.
  • Regional trains can be painfully slow. They will get you there – eventually…
  • Higher demand means busier trains and potential delays – although Deutsche Bahn has added more trains and staff to offset the increase in demand.
  • Mandatory face masks


If time is not a factor for you and you enjoy rail travel, then this is an excellent deal. You could use the 9 Euro ticket to meander your way through Germany, or in combination with buying long distance/fast tickets too. Either way, the option is there to explore multiple cities, as well as more ‘off the beaten track’ destinations at your leisure.

The bad news is that there is no plan to extend the ticket, but you still have the whole of the Summer Holidays to take advantage!

Has anyone already used a 9 Euro ticket? Let us know your thoughts below.

Featured Image: Deutsche Bahn

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