Another Hilton Honors Points Sale… (Didn’t We Just Have One?!?!)

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Hilton Honors is known for its frequent discounting of points. But sometimes Hilton takes “frequent” to extremes. The last promotion ended on 9 February, 2022 and the next one started on 14 February, 2022.  A whole 5 days passed…

The latest iteration of Hilton’s “points sale” will run until 11 March, 2022.

This time, the bonus on offer is member-specific. Many members will see the standard 100% bonus – others will see a lower bonus. I was targeted with a 90% bonus.  Login to your own account to discover your own offer.



What’s The Deal?

Hilton’s regular price is ~0.73p (1 US cent) per point. (which you should NEVER consider)

With the 100% bonus, that price halves to ~0.37p (0.5 cents) per point.

You can buy 80,000 points per year, with the bonus bringing your total to 160,000 points.

Should I Buy?

If you receive an offer of less than 100%, just ignore this promotion and wait for the next one…

You might also want to re-read my recent post explaining when to pay a cash rate and when to redeem points.

The tricky part about analysing whether to buy Hilton points is that it is so easy to earn them from paid hotel stays, especially when a double or triple point promotion is running.

However, at the moment Hilton Honors is only offering a 2,500 points per stay promotion – and you can earn those bonus points on award stays. So, between now and the end of April is the BEST time to redeem your points. Whether that’s a 5,000 point per night cheap room, or a 5 or 10 night stay in paradise (with the fifth night free for Honors members with elite status) depends on your travel plans…

But If You Do Buy, Don’t Forget Cashback

Regular readers will know that I regularly promote TopCashback because, among other reasons, you can earn some cashback on your points/miles purchases when they are processed by

Note that is only available on the USA version of TopCashback, but cashing out via Paypal is easy.

Not A Member of TopCashback USA Yet?

If you are not yet a member of TopCashback USA, you can earn an additional $15. Simply sign up using this referral link – – and earn $10 of cashback.

It’s really quite simple to earn $10 of cashback. Buying $400 worth of Hilton points would get you there. Alternatively, the number of hotel chains available via TopCashback is impressive – Hilton, IHG, Marriott, Accor, Choice, Best Western, etc. – as well as the major Online Travel Agencies. So a single hotel stay will probably get you there…

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