Win A (Small) Prize For Guessing When British Airways Will Actually Fix Executive Club!

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The year is 2134 and with just one more heave, British Airways Officials are confident that final victory over Executive Club Systems can be achieved…

Ok, perhaps that’s not the most compelling sci-fi pitch of the year, but it’s not an entirely unfair summary of the problems BA are continuing to have with the ‘planned upgrade’ to its Executive Club loyalty programme.

The good news is that the BA twitter team’s optimism remains as heroic as it is misplaced (morale is important after all!):

“Small bits of maintenance” like still not actually being able to login to your account from the BA homepage:

If you are desperate to access your British Airways Executive Club account, you can try the app, or this workaround here, but functionality is limited.

Bottom line

In a bid to make this situation slightly more fun, let’s have a competition in the comments section below:

Share your prediction (time GMT and date) for when it will be possible to log into BA Executive Club from the BA homepage. I shall arrange a small prize for whoever gets closest.

I’m sticking with the year 2134…

UPDATE: It turns out that I was wrong to ever doubt the prowess of the BA IT team and my 2134 prediction was out by well over 100 years – you should now be able to access your account from the main BA homepage.

As far as I can see, the winner of the competition is therefore Ben L – congratulations!


    • Joe Deeney says

      Unless I’ve missed a comment, it looks like this is the closest prediction – which means that Ben is the winner!

      Congratulations! If you could send a quick note to [email protected] to confirm your email address, I shall have a rummage round InsideFlyer Towers in search of a suitable (small…) prize 😉 .

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