How To Log In To Your British Airways Executive Club Account Right Now – Despite The ‘Upgrade’ (2-Min Travel Tip)

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As BA’s Executive Club ‘upgrade’ completion is now 4 days overdue, more and more members are increasingly desperate to access their accounts. The bad news is that the main login page is still down – this is the message you will now see:

You can try using the app as the official advice above suggests, but in reality, people have been having pretty mixed luck with that. Fortunately, there is a relatively simple workaround that should allow you to access your account (albeit, with limited functionality).

How to log in to your British Airways Executive Club account right now

First of all, I want to be clear that while this tip is working at the time of publication, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will continue to work – the tech situation at BA seems pretty fluid at the moment…

Rather than clicking on the usual log in page link, you want to start by making a ‘dummy’ booking on the BA homepage instead:

Select some flights and then click on the “Log In” link next to “Save With Avios”.

Enter your login details:

You should then see something like the following page – note that your name will now be in the top right of the page:

Click on your name and you should be taken to your normal British Airways Executive Club dashboard:


Bottom line

Don’t get too excited – you are still likely to face some issues in terms of what you can and can’t do once you are logged in. But, it’s a lot better than nothing.

Hopefully BA can restore normal access and full functionality soon…


  1. Sharat says

    Good tip Joe
    Can see account details but can’t open ‘manage your booking’
    Cheers, hopefully will get full functionality soon

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