British Airways IT Meltdown – Day 3: Have You Managed To Access Your Account Yet?

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You may or may not be surprised to read that BA’s struggles to ‘upgrade’ its Executive Club loyalty programme continue. The planned update was supposed to have been completed by “the morning of 17 November 2021 (GMT)”, but is still ongoing now – more than 3 days later.

Some members have intermittently been able to access their accounts (particularly through the app), but even then, a lot of the basic functionality seems to be unavailable.

When is this going to be sorted?

Honestly, no idea.

I thought there were signs of improvement yesterday, but that was overly optimistic.

For what it’s worth, here are some of the latest updates from the BA twitter team: (as of 15:30 GMT on 20th November 2021):

I don’t know about you, but I don’t find those comments very reassuring… The lack of specific information, or any sense of a timescale, are concerning at this point.

Bottom line

To be clear, this isn’t a minor inconvenience – the list of things you can’t do is substantial. The extremely long wait times if you call certainly aren’t helping improve the mood of members either.

Hopefully there will be a more positive update soon.

Have you been able to access your account and complete what you wanted to do? 


  1. Sharat says

    Still unable to login to BAEC on website or app.
    Meanwhile one of my return flights has disappeared from the BA flight schedule but it is still showing up in my booking and not cancelled yet- although it will be soon I think, hopefully when ? BAEC comes back online- on Monday 🙂

    • Joe Deeney says

      Same – no access for me.

      When’s your flight? – I’d be getting v annoyed by now if I had travel planned for next week…

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