British Airways Executive Club MIGHT Be Working Again Tomorrow (Monday)…

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It may be reaching the point where we should probably just rename InsideFlyer as “When Will British Airways Executive Club Work Again?”, but I thought it was worth quickly sharing the latest ‘news’.

Accurate official comment from the airline about the delay to the planned system upgrade has been hard to get. I’m not sure why that has been the case (I mean, why not have a PR/comms disaster as well as an IT/tech one I suppose…), but it has meant that the BA twitter team has certainly been kept busy.

Early this morning, it seemed like the problems should be resolved soon – with reps repeatedly informing members that Executive Club should be working properly again tomorrow (Monday 22nd November):

Good news then?

I thought so, but…more recently the tone seems to have changed.

Over the last few hours there has been no mention of Monday, or any specifics. We are back to the general ‘holding’ statements again:

Bottom line

This is getting a bit ridiculous now. Tech problems can happen, but there isn’t a reasonable excuse at this point for not having a realistic timeline and clearly communicating that to members.

If you are desperate to access your British Airways Executive Club account, there is a workaround you can try (full details here), but functionality is limited.

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