Now 10.5 Avios per £ Spent! (Tesco Express / Topcashback Offer)

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Avios? At Tesco? I thought last week’s offer was great, but this one’s is even better –  you just need to be a member of TopCashback

Between now and 23:59 on 22 October, 2021, TopCashback members can earn 10% cashback when shopping IN-STORE at Tesco Express.

How does it work?

You simply need to register your Visa or Mastercard with TopCashback.

Then you need to activate the Tesco Express offer. The offer is really easy to find…

You can earn a maximum of £10 cashback per transaction. This would normally be a bit tricky, but both London Tesco Expresses I visited last week were selling gift cards!

It is worth noting that petrol purchases are not eligible (should you have a Tesco Express attached to a petrol station nearby). Also, it might take up to 7 days for your purchase to track to your TopCashback account.  (I am still waiting…)

…What about Avios?

As many readers will know, you can choose to pay out from TopCashback UK in the form of Avios. You will receive a 5% bonus, which ultimately means that you are buying Avios for 0.95p.

We haven’t seen one for awhile, but you can also choose to hang on to your TopCashback balance to see if another 25% Avios conversion bonus comes along…

If you’re not already a TopCashback member join via this link and you’ll get £10 bonus credit when you spend £10+.

Bottom line

10% cashback on in-store spend at Tesco Express is an amazing rebate – especially if you can buy gift cards at your local Tesco Express – and all it takes is a couple of minutes to register a payment card online…

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