How to Earn 3+ Avios per £ Spent at Primark

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One of the fundamental traits of a “travel hacker” is to never spend money without getting a little something back. Cashback is one of the obvious ways to pick up a few percent here and there. The British Airways e-store is another alternative.

But what about those merchants that aren’t available online?  Or don’t offer a direct cashback option? Here’s a little trick that might help…

Join TopCashback

I suspect that most readers are already members of TopCashback. But if not… feel free to sign up with my referral link and earn an extra £5 bonus once you’ve accumulated £10 of cashback.

Check out TopGiftCards

One of the merchants available on TopCashback is TopGiftCards, where you can earn up to 10% cashback when buying a gift card.

Buy a gift card for Primark (or another merchant if you prefer…)

You can purchase a Primark gift card in any amount and earn 3% cashback.

At the time of publishing, you can also earn:

  • 1% at Sainsburys
  • 2% at Morrison’s
  • 5% at H&M
  • 4% at Decathlon
  • 7% at Foot Locker
  • 5% at Clarks
  • 5% at Halfords
  • 3% at Currys / PC World

The cashback will post immediately…

You should see the cashback in your account almost immediately, available to be paid out…

…Which you can pay out as Avios

As many readers will know, you can choose to payout from TopCashback UK in the form of Avios. You will receive a 5% bonus, which ultimately means that you are buying Avios for 0.95p.

We haven’t seen one for awhile, but you can also choose to hang on to your TopCashback balance to see if another 25% Avios conversion bonus comes along…

Don’t forget the regular bonuses

Every once in a while, TopCashback offers a £2-3 bonus for spending a small amount online. You can easily trigger this bonus by buying a giftcard from TopGiftCards…

Bottom line

The easiest way to shop is to simply shop… and pay with your credit card. But if you are planning a shopping trip, you might want to think ahead and buy yourself a gift card… earning a few more Avios in the process.

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