Online Avios To Nectar Conversion Returns – And It’s Awful

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We have frequently sung the praises of the rather wonderful tie-up between Avios and Nectar. It allows you to effectively earn Avios on your shopping, while it also lets you spend your Avios in Sainsburys (and others).

One of the very attractive initial elements to this partnership was the ability to instantly convert, online, between Avios and Nectar, and vice versa. You could just instantly ping points between the two at will, depending on your spending requirements.

However, this soon changed.

After a few weeks of operation, it appears that a number of fraudulent transactions led to the online conversion from Avios to Nectar being removed. You had to call to do it. The Nectar to Avios online conversion option remained.

It’s back

First the good news. You can now convert from Avios to Nectar, online.

However, it requires various authentication processes every time and, most disappointingly, it will take up to 10 days to update your balance.

Perhaps I’m just being grumpy, but that strikes me as utterly ridiculous. I am very much hoping 10 days is an absolute worst case scenario and transfers go through swiftly. I simply don’t understand why, if you’ve passed the multi-factor authorisation, it can’t be an instant balance update. Poor technology doesn’t appear to be a valid reason as Nectar to Avios is instant – heightened security consciousness perhaps, but I’m not impressed.

The process

Anyway, we don’t like to overly whinge on InsideFlyer (best left to Loyalty Lobby), so here’s a peaceful, calm guide through the process.

Firstly, go to and the Avios conversion page. The default setting is Nectar to Avios:

Tweak that to Avios to Nectar (obviously):

Next, confirm your date of birth:

Then, check your email:

Next, click on the link in your email:

You’ll then be told you’re a success story, which is very nice.

However, the warm glow of this compliment soon fades upon receipt of an email warning you it can take up to 10 days for the balances to update. 10 DAYS! You’ve successfully confirmed your date of birth and then clicked a link in your personal email – they need to just make the conversion.

Sumner’s Final Thought

Ultimately, this is slightly better than having to phone up to do it, but my enthusiasm at the return of this option has been massively dampened by the fiddly process and the length of time to update. We praised Avios and Nectar at the start for this wonderful ability to instantly transfer between accounts – that excellent advantage, sadly, has not returned.


  1. Vasco says

    “Anyway, we don’t like to overly whinge on InsideFlyer (best left to Loyalty Lobby)”

    This made me laugh

  2. Colin JE says

    Thanks for the guide Tom. Doesn’t seem particularly fiddly. I’m certainly glad Nectar and BA have found a simple way to avoid fraud and keep our accounts safe. I can see why BA/Nectar may have created a deliberate delay, to provide enough time for the account holder to spot and stop a fraudulent transaction. But it’s not necessary with the 3 factor ID (Password, DOB, email)! I wonder if the same delay applies to Nectar to Avios conversion? That could be more critical, if someone is hoping to grab a seat while it’s still available.

  3. Mr Robert Bowen says

    Well I just tried and eventually transferred Some Avios Points accoros to my Nectar account, but no mention about the delay!
    Thanks for the info at least I can get on with life but as for BA & Nectar why keep us in the dark?
    I also note the poor rate of exchange but for me its better than losing all my Avios buy the cut off date October this year, this is due to the fact that if you do not earn any Avios Points there is a time limit for us all to spend them or lose them!
    And due to Covid and our health we have to stay locked in at home and therefore can’t spend them on Flights or even find ways to earn some Avios points.
    So this is better than nothing.

  4. Michael Bridgwater says

    What if you have a balance of Avios points that would not be transferable in 300 blocks? If I transfer mine I would be left with 112 points.

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