Easy Free Avios – And Earn More For Internet Searches

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In addition to the obvious routes (flying, remember that?), there’s a number of more obscure ways to earn Avios.

The first thing to say about this one is you don’t actually earn Avios, you earn Nectar points. However, one Nectar point is instantly transferrable to Avios, earning you 0.625 Avios per Nectar point.

The initial free points

To benefit from Avios/Nectar simply for internet searches, you need to download the “Nectar Notifier” browser extension. You’ll get an initial 100 free Nectar points (62.5 free Avios) simply for downloading the extension. This is worth doing as it takes a few seconds (you just click a couple of buttons and confirm your Nectar number), and if you really don’t fancy it, you can instantly uninstall it.

The points for searching

If you do elect to search via the internet via the extension, you will then earn one Nectar point per two searches. Note that the extension is powered by Yahoo, and there’s a maximum of 200 free Nectar points per month.

Is this worth it?

My approach to points collecting is to use every easy opportunity to build up your stash. If you can earn 100 points for a couple of clicks – do it. Whether you then proceed with the search points is down to your individual preference, but it’s a very straightforward way to top up your Avios or Nectar collection.

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