Earn Boosted Travel Cashback Plus Free Cash With Quidco

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As travel becomes an ever-increasing possibility, Quidco has just launched two promotions that tie in to that, and both are worth a look.

Boosted travel cashback

First up, Quidco has “boosted” the cashback available at a number of travel-related merchants.

The bonuses are:

  • £25 boosted cashback when you spend £3,500 or more on a package holiday
  • £10 boosted cashback when you spend £500 or more on accommodation
  • £3 boosted cashback when you spend £150 or more on travel extras (e.g. hire cars)
  • £2.50 boosted cashback when you spend £100 or more on accommodation (e.g. toiletries)

quidco squid game answers

Let’s be honest, these boosts are not massively generous. However, they are in addition to the cashback you would earn anyway and so are definitely worth signing up to. You need to log in to your Quidco account and select “Opt in” for each of the offers.

Win money by collecting squids

Next up, to celebrate its 16th birthday, Quidco has hidden a number of virtual squids around the Quidco website.

There are clues as to where they’ve hidden them on the competition homepage, and you’ll find the squids at various retailers. Making a purchase at the retailer guarantees you will win the squid, while working out the Quidco squid game answers and then just visiting the merchant means you’ll have a “chance to capture” to win the squid.

Working out the Quidco squid game answers and therefore capturing groups of squids, enables you to win Amazon gift cards from £1 to £100, as follows: 4,000 x £1, 2,000 x £5, 500 x £10, 100 x £50, and 10 x £100.

If you’re a bit confused by all of that, it’s because I am too. Massively. Let’s see how it unfolds…

Finding and capturing squids will also get you entries into the Quidco birthday prize draw, where 5 “birthday guests” will win £1000 each.

The Quidco squid game runs till the end of Sunday 16 May, 2021.

Do you have any Quidco squid game answers?

If you can work out how exactly to participate in the game, feel free to share any expertise, including any retailers where squids might be found, in the comments below!

If you’re not already a member of Quidco, join here for a £5 bonus.


  1. James Penn says

    My attempts at finding the Quidco squid game answers have not been very successful to say the least.

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