What’s Planning To Start A New Airline In The Middle Of A Pandemic Really Like? – We Ask The Founder Of ‘PRAGUSA.ONE’

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You might (reasonably) think that starting a new airline in the middle of a global pandemic is fairly bonkers. I’d personally be inclined to agree with you, but not everyone sees things the same way. We’ve previously written about how four different European airline start-ups aim to take to the skies.

To be fair, due to low demand, many things are cheaper than usual for new airlines. For example, there is a surplus of aircraft. As a result, a new airline can easily lease or buy an aircraft at a relatively low rate. The same applies to aviation service companies. A new airline must of course employ employees. In contrast to existing airlines, new airlines can determine the terms of employment and thus control the costs. This is often difficult for existing companies because contracts are already in place.

Finally, and not unimportantly, new airlines can start up with the latest systems and technology. Where existing airlines often struggle with the integration of old and new systems, this is a lot easier for newcomers.

To find out more about what planning to start an airline during a pandemic is really like, InsideFlyer Denmark Editor, Henrik Olsen, recently caught up with with Kresimir Budinski – Founder and Managing Director of new all premium airline PRAGUSA.ONE.


Skip to about 5 minutes in for the interview (unless you also want to hear the latest aviation news from Denmark):

Bottom line

I can’t honestly say I’m convinced, but at least the plan is to roll things out gradually, and I certainly wish Mr Budinski the best of luck with the project!

What do you think about PRAGUSA.ONE’s chances of success?


  1. Tim says

    I would express my strong concerns.
    Will be a certain failure. Most of the plan will be fictitious or even a lie.
    If you research the founder and CEO you will quickly see that failure will be certain.
    I can only recommend to watch the below if you would like to get an idea about Krsimir Budinski and his business ethics.

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