Free Cashback For All, Means Free Avios And Nectar Points

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We recently posted about a sign-up bonus for TopCashback that gives you an easy £10 free cashback, convertible into 1050 Avios (and therefore, should you so wish, 1680 Nectar points).

free cashback

However someone in the comments section did make the reasonable point that a TCB sign-up bonus is of limited general appeal, given that a high percentage of our readers will have long joined TCB and benefitted from its various uses, thus ruling out their participation in the free cashback bonus.

Free Cashback For All

Never one to disappoint (assuming you’re not my wife), I wanted us to make good on this by flagging free cashback offers that do apply to all. Given that these actually don’t involve a spend, they’re not so much cash back as just cash. However, two clear caveats:

  • Be sensible when considering “free cash”. If it takes you 3 hours to sign up for something that gives you £1 cashback, that’s not really worth it. We roam into philosophical debate territory should you find those 3 hours actively entertaining, but for now I’m making the broad assumption that you really shouldn’t need to do much more than an email address and tick box for free money to be actual free money.
  • We note below the possibility of converting your free cash(back) into Avios. Note however that this does not apply to cashback earned with certain retailers, particularly where it is free cash per this article.

Converting Cashback – The Value Issues

By way of reminder and background, 1 cashback penny with TopCashback is convertible to 1.05 Avios which is in turn convertible to 1.68 Nectar points. One key point to note here is that cashing out your TCB pennies for 1.05 Avios is not necessarily good value: we value 1 Avios at around 0.9p , and in this case you are basically paying 0.95p for them – possibly worth it, but possibly not, depending on how you use them.

The situation is perhaps more stark for Nectar points which have a generally hard redemption value of 0.5p. Accordingly, your penny is getting you 0.84 pence in Nectar points. As such, unless there’s some staggering Nectar redemption offer available which ups this 0.84p value (and bear in mind the default – eg at Sainsbury – is very much 0.5p), it would make little sense to convert you TCB penny to Avios and then Nectar.

The Free Cashback Available

free cashback

Regardless of the above, free cash is free cash however you use it. I have sifted through the TopCashback free cashback offers to bring you the ones that I do genuinely consider to be borderline “free” cash.

Therefore, current free cashback options on TopCashback are as follows:

The Total

Sign up for all of the above, and you’ll be £22.85 better off. That converts to 2,399 Avios.

The Disclaimer

Please note that we are not endorsing any of the above retailers. The purpose of this post is to flag the free cashback you will get from the sign up, not the benefits of the service itself. Of the above examples, I have signed up for and used Experian without issue, but I cannot comment on the ongoing benefits of any of the others.


  1. cinereus says

    Yeah I’m still not convinced at the value in this. 0.9p is a generous valuation these days and you might as well be saying “get free avios: do an extra hour overtime at work and buy them from ba”. I think you’ll be hard press to find someone who has slogged through those offers, waited for the cashback and then cashed it out who would say the time taken was worth the 240 points.

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