Double Points On Spending On The Amex Platinum

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You may or may not be aware of the American Express International Currency (ICC) card. It operates separately to the standard Amex GBP cards, and basically allows UK residents to spend in Euros or US dollars, and earn Amex points on that spend. It comes with an annual fee of EUR/$550.

Anyway, between 31 March and 1 July 2021, the Platinum ICC card is offering double points on all spending. That means you’ll get 2 Amex points per EUR/$ spent on the card.

amex platinum bonus

It may be that this offer applies to the Gold card too, but I don’t have it so can’t confirm that. I do know for certain that unlike the Platinum card (see below), the Gold card does not come with a sign up bonus.

The other benefits of the Platinum card include unlimited lounge visits with Priority Pass and some decent loyalty status boosts, including Hilton Gold. You can read more about the benefits here.

amex platinum bonus

Anything else?

You will earn 30,000 bonus Amex points if you sign up to the ICC card and spend EUR/$5000 on it in the first three months.

amex platinum bonus

If you’re considering an Amex Euro card, now is an excellent time to apply for the Platinum card – the 30K bonus points offset a substantial amount of the annual fee, and the double points will certainly assist in that too.

As my GBP card is Amex Gold, not Platinum, I cannot confirm if this offer also applies to the GBP Amex Platinum. I have not seen any evidence of it doing so, but it may be worth keeping an eye on your emails if you do hold the GBP Platinum card.

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  1. VK says

    can you apply for this amex ICC card and be eligible for the bonus even if you have an existing amex card? I would think yes because without an existing amex card you cannot apply for the ICC card, correct?

  2. Morris says

    Can anyone with this card comment on how the International Airfare Program operates (the special program that offers discounts on Premium Economy, Business and First tickets)? I am familiar with the U.S. version that only applies to flights originating and returning to the U.S. (and certain Canadian cities), but being that ICC Platinum members may reside all throughout the world, does Amex offer an expanded list of departure gateway cities for the ICC version of the program (i.e. not just gateways in U.S./Canada/UK)?

    Also, would this double points bonus also apply to new members who apply for the card now? How often are there promotions like this (or other types, such as point transfer bonuses or the $100/100 EUR credit recently provided for select merchants)? Many thanks, this is hard info to come by…

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