(LAST CHANCE) – Don’t Miss Out On 500 Free Avios

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Just a quick reminder that if you haven’t grabbed your 500 free Avios yet, time is running out.

“If you convert at least 1,600 Nectar points into Avios before midnight 14 February 2021 then you will receive a one off 500 Avios bonus and double Nectar points when shopping at Sainsbury’s until 19 April 2021. How’s that for a boost?”

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Avios + Nectar

By now, you are probably aware of the recent tie-up between the Nectar loyalty scheme (principally operational at Sainsbury) and Avios. In short, the two programmes are now directly linked and points can be converted between the two (with 400 Nectar points getting you 250 Avios, and vice versa).

Easy to convert, easy to reverse

The good thing is, the Nectar-Avios transfer process is an entirely two-way street. So, should you transfer across your Nectar points to Avios and then realise that, instead of a holiday this year, you wish to stock up on tinned food and toilet roll, you can just transfer the Avios back into Nectar points at the exact same rate.

So on that basis, the current welcome offer providing 500 bonus Avios when you first transfer across a minimum of 1600 Nectar points (before 14 Feb) really is a totally free bonus. Instead of the 1000 Avios you should get, you’ll get 1500: which you can then convert back to Nectar points should you so wish, but provided you do so only after 14 February. Convert back before this date, and you’ll lose your bonus.

In my case, I rather wonderfully had 1610 Nectar points sat in my account, so the 1600 threshold fitted beautifully. If you’re not quite there yet, you’ve still got a couple of weeks to earn enough.

avios nectar

How straightforward is the conversion process?

The conversion process was absolutely seamless, and happened in seconds. This is not the convoluted Tesco Clubcard scenario that we all wrestled with for years – the tech is really good.

Anything else?

Yes. Bear in mind that the above transaction also means that you’ll get double Nectar points on all your shopping at Sainsbury’s until 19 April 2021. So, plenty of reasons to start getting excited about Sainsbury’s, Nectar and Avios. We’ll be keeping a close eye on opportunities here as the relationship develops.


  1. Ryan says

    I’ve just had a quick glance at the terms and conditions, as Ive just transferred 1600 nectar points over to avios, so after the 14th i.e on the 15th i can transfer 1000 avios back to nectar and keep the 500 avios bonus? Just to confirm where it says ‘eligible participants will only receive the double nectar points, if at the end of the bonus avios qualifying period, the qualifying transaction has not been reversed’ does that mean when i reconvert on the 15th, i will still keep the double nectar points till april?

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