(Confirmed) USA To Stop Flights To/From UK and Ireland

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As was hinted at by President Trump yesterday, the United States has now confirmed that it will be extending its European travel ban to include the UK and Ireland.

The ban is set to begin at 4am (GMT) on Monday night/Tuesday morning.

American citizens and legal residents will still be able to return to the US, but according to Vice President Pence, they will be “funnelled through specific airports and processed”. It remains to be seen how that will actually be carried out in practice.

Bottom line

If you are currently in the US and want to come back to Europe, change your flights asap.


  1. Em Jay says

    This is false and mislead. They are NOT stopping flights. They’re stopping non US citizens from traveling. Flights can continue.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Em Jay – how many flights do you think are going to happen after 4am (GMT) on Monday night / Tuesday Morning? There will be some repatriation flights for US citizens/legal residents for Americans who don’t sort out their flights before then, but we are talking a relatively tiny number of frequencies. And for Brits/Irish/Europeans currently in the US, are you suggesting that they would be better just carrying on with their trips at this point? If they wish to return home without an awful lot of hassle, they clearly should do so before Monday night EST

      • Craig Sowerby says

        I also got a similar smack down on Flyertalk for a similar statement to this post. (re. the Schengen ban)

        In theory, the block is on people not planes. But no airline is going to fly nearly-empty planes indefinitely so, in practice, flights will be ending sooner rather than later.

        • Joe Deeney says

          Exactly – from a practical perspective the situation is perfectly clear. Aside from the financial side for the airlines, how would you even crew these sort of flights?

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