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Now that you can no longer buy a really cheap 2,000 Avios pack from Groupon in Spain, you might have stopped paying attention to these offers. I certainly have…  Nonetheless, the latest iteration of the offer is here. As usual, you have these options:


  • 1,000 Avios for 19 euros (1.9 euro cents apiece!)
  • 2,000 Avios for 29 euros (1.45 euro cents apiece)
  • 4,000 Avios for 59 euros (1.48 euro cents apiece)
  • 8,000 Avios for 109 euros (1.36 euro cents apiece)
  • 15,000 Avios for 199 euros (1.33 euro cents apiece)
  • 20,000 Avios for 259 euros (1.3 euro cents apiece)
  • 34,000 Avios for 429 euros (1.26 euro cents apiece)

Because the cheapest pack is the largest pack, you will run into a different problem when trying to acquire lots of Avios. Each Iberia Plus account can only receive a maximum of 100,000 Avios from Groupon. The T&Cs do not specify whether this is an annual limit, a lifetime limit, or simply applies to each new iteration of this offer. But three 34,000 packs takes you over the limit…

Earning Cashback

Here is the direct link for the Groupon offer, although the usual advice against using it is no longer valid. The Iberia Plus online shopping portal has added an exclusion against paying “miles back” for purchases via Groupon of Avios.

You will not receive a reward when buying deals of 2,000, 4,000, 8,000, 12,000 or 20,000 Avios (or any amount of Avios).

Nonetheless I use a Spanish cashback website called Beruby that has historically paid me 12.8% cashback on this offer from Groupon. I recommend that you use a VPN to set your “IP” country to Spain. You can pay out to a PayPal account. But as with all things not intended for UK residents, there is some risk involved that your cashback won’t track properly and that you won’t be allowed to chase it up…

The Bottom Line

A price of slightly less than 1.08p per Avios is certainly higher than we would recommend for speculative purposes. You would, however, end up at 0.95p per Avios if your Beruby cashback comes through successfully. So, by accepting some risk, you can at least beat the price that British Airways and Iberia Plus generally charge during their bonus promotions…

Have you used Beruby successfully? Let you fellow readers know in the comments section…


  1. Secret Squirrel says

    With the recent increase in the euro to GBP makes these offers more attractive than recent promos. Last week I received an email from IB Store for over 2k avios for purchasing 20k avios.
    Worked out using Curve just over 1p a point when the extra 2k avios are factored in.😆

  2. Cocobay71 says

    I done this recent IB Groupon avios promo 13 x days ago and still no avios credited?
    This was my first time Doing This offer, I completed all the voucher forms and IB estore avios tracked so can anyone help out with the expectations of time frames on getting the avios, terms state max 15 days but worrying comments online.

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