Really Cheap Miles from Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

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During the month of October, you can acquire Virgin Atlantic miles incredibly cheaply, as long as you’ve recently flown on Virgin Atlantic, or plan to… This opportunity is due to a potential 40% bonus on Miles Booster transactions, a promo that will run until 31 October, 2019.

You will receive:

  • a 20% bonus on a “1x” boost
  • a 30% bonus on a “2x” boost
  • a 40% bonus on a “3x” boost

What is Miles Booster?

Miles Booster allows you to buy miles for 1p a mile, but the number of miles you can buy is based on the actual number of miles flown on a Virgin Atlantic flight (paid or reward). You are able to retro-actively “miles boost” for any Virgin Atlantic flights you’ve taken within the last six months. You can also “miles booster” for any future flights you will be taking with Virgin Atlantic. (the miles won’t arrive until three days after your flight – this prevents people from doing “miles booster” on a full-fare ticket, then cancelling for a refund)

With Miles Booster – and the 40% bonus available during October – your net cost would end up as 0.71p per mile. I suspect that many readers would jump on that price for Avios, but are more cautious with Virgin Atlantic.

Show Us an Example…

If you were to take a return trip to Barbados with Virgin Atlantic, your flights (out and back) would cover 8.420 miles. Flying Club’s examples don’t yet include “triple boost”, but you would be allowed to buy 25,260 miles for £252.60. Add the 40% bonus miles on top and you’d actually receive 35,364 miles for that same £252.60.

Re-read this old post if you want to see how you can book a reward flight, miles boost it, and end up paying less than if you’d just booked a paid ticket.

The Bottom Line

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club’s landing page for this promotion can be found by clicking here.

If you’re wondering what Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles are good for, re-read this old post about ANA First Class reward flights.

0.7p is so tempting… that I might just have to book myself a Virgin Atlantic reward flight somewhere in order to take advantage of “Miles Booster”.

What about you?


  1. john browell says

    I have flights booked for next April, and have already boosted, but without the 40% bonus. Anyone think I might be able to get the original boost refunded and do this one instead ? Nope, me neither !

    • Craig Sowerby says

      This promo comes around frequently John. Next time… hold off on the Miles Booster until the promo is running. After all, you don’t receive the miles until after your flight anyhow so there’s never a rush to Miles Boost.

      I’m not sure whether Miles Booster is cancelled if you cancel the underlying flight, which may or may not be an option in your case.

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