Book a Reward Flight and End Up With More Miles Than You Started With

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Virgin Atlantic Flying Club has been running a Miles Booster promotion for awhile, but hasn’t managed to publicise it well. Nonetheless, it is still running until 14 July, 2019. The promotion is even better than usual.

Miles Booster allows you to buy miles for 1p a mile, but the number of miles you can buy is based on the actual number of miles flown on a Virgin Atlantic flight (paid or reward). You are able to retro-actively “miles boost” for any Virgin Atlantic flights you’ve taken within the last six months. You can also “miles booster” for any future flights you will be taking with Virgin Atlantic. (the miles won’t arrive until three days after your flight – this prevents people from doing “miles booster” on a full-fare ticket, then cancelling for a refund)

During the promotional period – which to be clear is when you confirm the Miles Booster transaction, not the actual flight – you can earn:

  • a 20% bonus when doing a X1 boost
  • a 30% bonus when doing a X2 boost
  • a 40% bonus when doing a X3 boost

This is all unnecessarily convoluted, but the final result is that you can buy a substantial number of Flying Club miles for slightly more than 0.7p. In fact, you can book a reward flight on Virgin Atlantic and end up with more miles than you started with!

A Reward Flight to the Caribbean on Off-Peak Dates

If you fancy a winter getaway to the Caribbean, you could choose to book a reward flight in Economy that would cost you 20,000 Virgin miles + nearly £275.

I chose Barbados for the simple reason that it is one of the examples used by Flying Club to demonstrate the potential of Miles Booster.

If you manage to book a reward flight to Barbados before 14 July, 2019 and complete the Miles Booster transaction in time, your net cost would work out to:

  • £274.42 in taxes and surcharges
  • £252.60 for a X3 Miles Booster
  • 20,000 miles spent
  • 25,260 + 10,104 (40% bonus) –> 35,364 miles back from Miles Booster after your flights

You would spend a total of £527.02 and end up with a net gain of 15,364 miles.

Comparing to a Paid Ticket in Economy Classic (Equivalent to a Reward Ticket)

For what it’s worth, here’s what you would pay for a standard paid flight on these dates.

An Economy Classic return ticket to Barbados would earn 50% of the 8,420 miles flown –> 4,210 miles. But you’d need to pay £584.42 for your ticket.

Of course you could also Miles Booster that paid ticket, but I won’t go down that rabbit hole…

The Bottom Line

Click here to jump to the Flying Club Miles Booster page.

I know it takes more effort, and you must have 20,000 miles (per person) in your Flying Club account to start off. But by combining a Virgin Atlantic reward flight with Miles Booster you can save £££ and still add to your mileage balance.


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  1. Ian Macky says

    NIce catchy clickbait title (“end up with more miles than you started with”), but you can do that at any time with any airline that lets you buy miles. Spend the miles, buy more miles than you spent, and unsurprisingly you end up with more miles than you started with.

    The newsworthy bit is that boost lets you buy cheaper miles than a regular virgin miles purchases.

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