Buy Cheap Alaska Mileage Plan Miles – And Why You Might Want To…

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Alaska Mileage Plan is back with another ‘Flash Sale’ – this time offering a bonus of up to 40% when you purchase Mileage Plan Miles.

Good deal?

If you max out the promo and buy 84,000 miles, you’ll pay ~£1,440 ($1,773.75):

That works out at about 1.71p per mile. The cheapest that I can remember Alaska Miles being on sale for is ~1.58p per mile, so this is slightly more expensive.

I wouldn’t be tempted to buy speculatively at these prices, but if you have a high-value use for Alaska Miles in mind (there are lots), it could make sense to take advantage – just make sure the award space you want is available first!


If you are in the market for Alaska Miles, this isn’t a terrible price. Unless you have an immediate use in mind though, I wouldn’t be in too much of a rush – I’m sure we’ll see similar (or better) sales again soon.


  • Promotional offer to receive up to 40% bonus miles valid until 11:59 PM PST October 31, 2019.
  • Miles are purchased from Inc. for a cost of $27.50 per 1,000 miles, plus a 7.5% Federal Excise Tax*, and GST/HST for Canadian residents.
  • Miles are non-refundable and do not count toward MVP and MVP/Gold status.
  • You may purchase and gift Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles in increments of 1,000 miles to a maximum of 60,000 miles per transaction.
  • Your Mileage Plan account may be credited up to a maximum total of 150,000 miles acquired through in a calendar year, whether purchased by you or gifted to you. MVP, MVP Gold and MVP Gold 75K Mileage Plan member accounts have no annual limit on the number of miles which may be purchased or gifted through
  • Offer is subject to change and all terms and conditions of the Mileage Plan Program apply.
  • * Inc. is collecting Federal Excise Tax on behalf of Alaska Airlines Inc.
  • Alaska Airlines Inc. has the obligation to collect Federal Excise Tax and remit the tax to the appropriate government agency.


    • Joe Deeney says

      It’s a truly great redemption (particularly to MAN on the A350 for those of us in The North)… but I’ve actually just discovered something even better. Post out soon 😉

        • Joe Deeney says

          Haha – it’s a genuine cracker. I’ve just been running some tests tonight to make sure it all works in practice as theory suggests (and it does 🙂 ). First instalment out early tomorrow morning. The REALLY good stuff will be shortly afterwards – hopefully all by tomorrow afternoon, but could be a little later.

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