(Confirmed) ALL Amex Members can Benefit from 50% Hilton Transfer Bonus

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Last week we shared what seemed to be a targeted promotion from American Express, offering a 50% bonus for Membership Rewards Points transfers to Hilton Honors.

I can now confirm that the promotion is, in fact, open to all UK cardholders.

I’ve spoken to a range of agents on the phone and online, and they have all (consistently, quickly and confidently) assured me that anyone who transfers Membership Rewards Points to Hilton Honors before 31st October will benefit from the 50% bonus.

Even multiple agents can be mistaken though, so I would still recommend getting Amex to confirm to you directly that your account is eligible (the online chat feature when logged into your account is probably easiest) – that way, you will definitely receive the bonus points in the end.

Good deal?

A 50% bonus means you would receive 3 Hilton Points for each Amex MR Point, rather than the usual 2.

I personally value Hilton Points at about 0.4p each (although others, including my InsideFlyer colleague Craig, value them at more like 0.33p each). If you are eligible for the bonus, you would therefore be getting roughly 1p-1.2p of value per Amex Point.

Given that I recently made a transfer to Nectar, where I got 1p of value per Amex Point, there’s definitely potential value here if the 50% bonus is open to all.

That said, it’s certainly not a ‘no brainer’. It’s possible to get much, much, better value from your Amex Points in some circumstances, so whether this is a good deal really depends on what your travel plans are, how many points you have, and how long it will take you to replace the points you transfer (etc).

Bottom line

My Hilton balance was looking a little low, so I was happy to take advantage of the bonus.

Note that the terms state the bonus points may take up to 8 weeks, so bear that in mind when deciding whether a transfer makes sense for you or not.

Are you tempted by the 50% bonus?

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