75% Off Beer with Amex

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While I fully concede we are supposed to be a travel hack (as opposed to discount alcohol) site, a deal appeared on my Amex Gold today which is simply too good not to share.


beer52 promo code

If you buy the latest box of 8 craft Korean beers (plus a “snack”) from Beer52 at a cost of£24, Amex are offering an £18 statement credit, taking the net cost to a fantastic £6, or 86p a craft beer:

beer52 promo code

I got the offer on my Amex Gold, but not my BA Amex. Within seconds of placing my order, I received a confirmation email from Amex:

beer52 promo code

A warning!

Signing up to this offer will put you on a monthly £24 subscription. However, as soon as your (effectively) £6 delivery is received (which should be the day after ordering), you can cancel your subscription very easily. I leave it up to you as to whether you want to continue to pay the £24 for 8 craft beers.

Don’t have the offer… or an Amex? Here’s a Beer52 Promo Code

If you don’t have the Beer52 offer on your Amex, you can still get £12 off the £24 cost for 8 beers, by signing up to Beer52 using this link. (While that’s technically a referral link for me, it won’t benefit me as I plan to cancel my subscription before the next payment date).

beer52 promo code

If you don’t already have an Amex Gold, we strongly recommend it as the best value “starter” Amex for anyone looking to collect points and miles. Sign up via this link and you’ll get 22,000 bonus Membership Rewards Points (rather than the standard 20,000) if you spend £2,000 on the card in the first three months.

beer52 promo code


  1. WheresMyOffer says

    I’ve completely stopped receiving any offers on either the Gold Charge Card or credit card. Any suggestions on how to raise this? Been a few MONTHS since I had one!

    • Miles Hunt says

      That is a little strange – while the offers have been more limited on my BA Amex, I still get a lot on the Preferred Rewards Gold credit card. I would call customer services to find out what the issue is, as there’s no obvious reason why they would be limiting you (these deals will generally make sound commercial sense for Amex, too).

  2. TravelFreakUK says

    Thanks for the tip. Indeed was available on the Amex app on Plat charge card. Couple of points to add. If you are smart, once you check out, you can ‘upgrade’ to a 10 can case – with the first month free. Doing this immediately has updated my first case to 10! Topcashback also offer 8% on this…

  3. Chris Higham says

    I got the offer on my BA AMEX – note that if you go to the beer52 shop section you can just buy a case of 8 beers for 24 with no commitment for 24 which also triggered the offer but avoids having to call them!

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