How to Maximise the Secret Escapes Sign Up Bonus to Get £55 Free Credit to Spend on Hotels!

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Earlier in the week, I wrote about a ridiculously good deal that Secret Escapes was offering for the 5* Radisson Blu Plaza in Bangkok (the deal now seems to be live again, as of 12th Jan 2019, if you missed out last time!). In that article, I also included a quick explanation of how you can ‘hack’ the refer a friend promotion to generate a rather nice Secret Escapes sign up bonus for yourself.

I thought it was worth putting the ‘how to’ guide in a standalone article so it’s easier to find and can be linked back to whenever I spot particularly good Secret Escapes deals in future – so, here you go!

Secret Escapes sign up bonus

First things first – Secret Escapes offers new users £15 off their first booking of £100+, if they sign up via a referral link (this one is mine and I’m much obliged if you choose to use it – but please feel free to leave your own in the comments too if you like).

That’s not the end of the story though. The person who refers you also gets £25 credit after you make your first booking and that opens up a very interesting opportunity…

How to use the refer a friend offer to get a bigger Secret Escapes sign up bonus:

Imagine that you spot a hotel you like the look of that costs £105.00 per night and you fancy two nights away with your partner/friend/family member/colleague/etc.

First, sign up through a referral link (but don’t book anything yet!), and then refer your travel companion using your own ‘refer a friend’ link generated from your account, so each account has £15.00 credit.

Next, book the first night using the second person’s Secret Escapes account, and they will be charged £90.00 (£105 – £15 credit = £90).

At this point, an additional £25 credit will be automatically added to the first person’s account, for referring their partner who has now made a booking.

Finally, book the second night using the original account, which should now have £40 credit in it (£15 + £25, do check it has been credited properly first), and you will be charged £65.00 (£105  – £40 credit).

You have effectively created your own £55 sign up bonus, compared to just joining normally and booking 2 nights.

In total, your two nights will cost £155.00 rather than £210.00 – an additional 26% discount off Secret Escapes (usually) already discounted rates!

Bottom line

Secret Escapes offers some genuinely good deals, though it can require a bit of searching to dig out the really good value stuff – always check the prices available on other sites too to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. Being able to knock an additional ~26% off your first 2 nights, can make a good deal great.

Remember to use a referral link to start the discount stacking process!

Have you used Secret Escapes before – what did you think?


    • Joe Deeney says

      Pleased to report that I book alternative nights when travelling with people all the time (to maximise promos usually), and over hundreds of hotel stays all over the world, it’s never been a problem at all – in fact, it’s barely ever even commented on. I just say that we are travelling together and would like to keep the same room rather than check out and back in. If you’re at all concerned though (perhaps if you think the hotel will be very busy and you’ve booked slightly different room types), the best thing to do is simply send a quick email before you go, asking the hotel to link the bookings. 🙂

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