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Ok, apologies for the terrible headline – but I really do think this is a cracking deal and it’s always good to be reminded that Secret Escapes still offer some remarkable bargains.

If you’re looking for a 5-star hotel in Bangkok with LOTS of perks at a very good price, this is the deal for you – but be quick because the offer ends at 23:59 tonight (Monday 7th January 2019).

Bangkok is one of the most competitive luxury hotel markets in the world, so it takes something special to grab my attention. You might therefore be surprised to learn that it’s a Radisson Blu offer that has impressed me – particularly as the headline rate is between £92-121 per night, which isn’t that great on the face of it. The key here is the value of the extra benefits included and the way you can stack discounts to bring the price down.

Let’s take a look at the benefits first:

  • Accommodation in a Business Class room
  • Breakfast included
  • Business Class Lounge access
  • Personalised check-in and check-out
  • Daily newspaper delivery
  • Evening cocktails with canapés
  • Laundry and pressing services up to four pieces per day
  • Late check-out until 6pm (subject to availability)

So, all pretty standard benefits for a room with Lounge access in Asia – though the 6pm late checkout is generous. Picking a random date, booking direct through Radisson Rewards (both rates are non refundable), throws up a rate of £159 for a Business Class room, so paying a maximum of £121 through Secret Escapes is a decent saving:

But you get extra perks booking through Secret Escapes:

  • Buffet dinner at Twenty-Seven Bites (surely worth ~£20 per person. Menu price is more like £35 when you factor tax and service fee)
  • 30-minute express treatment at Spa Esc (surely worth £10-15 per person, even in Thailand).

Conservatively, that’s another ~£60 of benefits included.

Availability is more or less wide open all the way through to October 2019, with prices varying from £92 to £121 per night in total. Irritatingly, the first prices you see are all per person rather than per room so it looks even cheaper than it is, and there is also sometimes a £5 booking fee.

Stack discounts for bigger savings

Secret Escapes offers new users £15 off their first booking of £100+, if they sign up via a referral link (this one is mine and I’d be much obliged if you choose to use it – but please feel free to leave your own in the comments too if you like).

That’s not the end of the story though. The person who refers you also gets £25 credit after you make your first booking and that opens up a very interesting opportunity. Here’s what to do:

Sign up through a referral link (but don’t book anything yet!), then refer your travel companion using your own ‘refer a friend’ link generated from your account, so each account has £15.00 credit.

Next, book the first night using the second person’s Secret Escapes account.

At this point, an additional £25 credit will be automatically added to the first person’s account, for referring their partner who has now made a booking.

Finally, book the second night using the original account, which should now have £40 credit in it!

For the sake of simplicity, say that both nights originally cost £100, so your total expense would have been £200. By stacking the refer a friend offers, you’ll only actually pay £145 in total, because you’ll have saved £15 on the first booking and £40 on the second!

Bottom line

Even by Bangkok standards, ~£75 per night in total for a 5-star hotel with lounge access, dinner and spa treatments (for 2 people!) is an extraordinary deal.

Sign up to Secret Escapes here to take advantage, or to see if you can find something even better closer to home!

Remember that the Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok deal needs to be booked tonight.


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