19 Reasons to Fly British Airways in 2019?

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The subject of British Airways often generates ‘lively’ debate here at InsideFlyer UK. My own views on the airline are a bit conflicted, but can basically be summarised as (irrationally?) wanting it to do well – but wishing it was better than it usually is in reality.

British Airways Club World

I was therefore interested see the following press release, listing 19 reasons to fly BA this year:

  1. The January sale – on now. Bag a bargain to dozens of top global destinations. Do it now, before everyone else does.

  2. New routes. Customers can try out the airline’s new routes to Charleston y’all, with Pittsburgh, Osaka, Kos and Corsica, Ljubljana, Montpellier, among others. It’s the airline’s most extensive route network in more than a decade.

  3. New aircraft. Customers can fly on one of the carrier’s 15 plush new aircraft being delivered this year – including four fabulous A350 aircraft.

  4. A brand-new Club World seat, featuring on the new A350 aircraft, and two 777 aircraft by the end of the year.

  5. WiFi. The best, live streaming WiFi on all short-haul flights and the vast majority of long-haul flights so customers can sit back and enjoy films and TV shows from their favourite streaming service.

  6. A new look for First. New first-class dining, bedding and amenity kits from one of the UK’s best-loved designers.

  7. An industry-leading makeover for World Traveller Plus. Look out for new bedding and new dining  in this intimate and exclusive cabin.

  8. New lounges for customers to relax and enjoy ahead of their flight, in San Francisco, Johannesburg, Geneva and JFK.

  9. An extended partnership with premium dining supremo Do&Co, the airline’s new in-flight caterer from Heathrow and already providing meals in Club Europe.

  10. A new ba.com homepage, making booking with British Airways even easier and more intuitive.

  11. New partners for the British Airways Executive Club, offering even more ways to collect and spend Avios.

  12. Digital bag tags. A UK airline first. Sync your personal baggage tag with the BA app, drop your luggage at the airport, and fly.

  13. Self-service baggage drops at Heathrow T3 offering customers the same service as T5.

  14. Facial recognition technology. More biometric technology at Heathrow, London City and Gatwick, New York JFK, Orlando, Los Angeles, Miami and many more. The system makes boarding faster and more convenient, helping British Airways depart flights on, or ahead of time.

  15. New emissions-free, remote-controlled pushback vehicles for long-haul aircraft to continue to improve punctuality. Short-haul versions reduced pushback delays by more than 70 per cent.

  16. New winter equipment – helping British Airways safely de-ice its fleet of almost 300 aircraft quicker than ever during the frosty winter months.

  17. Hotel reservations. Investment in new technology will see rooms automatically booked for customers who miss their flights due to disruption.

  18. Enhanced customer service. Almost 30,000 staff will receive the airline’s all-new customer service training.  At T5 – more airport hosts than ever before are being re-trained to manage any customer issue, from re-booking to upgrades, lounge access, baggage and transfer queries and flight information.

  19. And last but not least – look out for British Airways’ Centenary celebrations. It’s going to be 100 years’ old this year, and will be celebrating in style, sharing its heritage and looking at what to expect from flying in the future.

I think we can all agree that some of the above sound like the result of desperate scrabbling in order to come up with 19 reasons to fit the 2019 New Year brief, but there’s actually some potentially interesting stuff in there too.

Am I getting soft, or is BA genuinely getting (a bit) better at the moment? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


  1. David S says

    You are definitely getting soft😜
    It’s one thing having things on paper but a whole different thing actually implementing them rather than just call them enhancement and ignore customers. You should do a follow up in December 2019 using this list and see how many actually happened.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Haha – I’m flying with them in a few weeks, so imagine my view will be back to reality shortly. Excellent suggestion by the way- I’ve made a note.

  2. Slaphead Brian says

    Bloody hell. You presumably haven’t included the counter-arguments because it would take too long.

    Genuinely one of the most appalling airlines I have had the misfortune to deal with of late. A disgrace to the name “British” (even in light of the current shit-show that is our country these days) and a template example of how not to run a supposedly premium airline.

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