Excellent WorldRemit Bonus – Free £50 Returns, And It Works!

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We recently got a little excited when a WorldRemit bonus appeared on Quidco, offering a massive free £50 for anyone who signed up and transferred £250 to a foreign currency.

worldremit bonus

What is great about this deal is you can transfer the £250 at (more or less) spot rate to your Transferwise or Revolut foreign currency account (e.g. Euro), then transfer it back (should you wish to). You’ll take a small hit on the two exchanges, but will still come out with most of the £50 Worldremit bonus intact.

Unsurprisingly, this amazing deal disappeared fairly quickly, but there are three great bits of news:

First of all, the £50 deal is now backthis time with TopCashback!

worldremit bonus

(Note that the £50 deal does appear to expire in 2 days, so you’ll need to move fast to benefit.)

Second, we can confirm that WorldRemit are paying out on this bonus without quibble…

worldremit bonus

As you can see, the full £50 landed in my Quidco account, and has been successfully withdrawn.

Finally, WorldRemit charge a small commission, but use the WorldRemit promo code FREE, and that fee is waived.

worldremit bonus

This is an official TopCashback promo code, so will not invalidate your cashback.

I missed this deal. Anything else available?

If you’re reading this after the £50 deal has expired, you can still get £20 when you sign up via this link and transfer at least £100.

Anything else? Yep – A Further £15 (or 1575 Avios) Free

We have long recommended TopCashback on InsideFlyer UK – it really is a great way of reducing the cost of your travel (and indeed all everyday spend) quickly and easily. If you haven’t already joined, we’re delighted to tell you that we’re offering an exclusive boosted sign-up bonus for registering.

worldremit bonus

Simply join via this link and you’ll get £15 bonus credit when you spend £10 or more at any retailer included on the TopCashback site (yes, that’s basically free money!). You can then choose to keep the cash or transfer the £15 bonus into 1,575 Avios!



  1. BJ says

    Thanks for this. Do you think it is safe to use the voucher code when going via TCB? They usually state codes prevent cashback.

  2. Raf says

    Do you need to open a new world-remit account to get the £50 from TCB or can you use the same opened last week for the Quidco cashback?

    • Miles Hunt says

      Hi Raf – I really flagged this for anyone who hadn’t already got the Quidco cashback, as there’s no straightforward way of getting the cashback twice (and certainly you can’t using your existing WorldRemit account). However, it’s definitely one to flag to a partner/friend/granny or whatever who hasn’t made use of it yet.

  3. Gary Lomax says

    How did you send the payment to yourself? I’ve tried serveral times with both revolut and transferwise but they just keep saying the payments are rejected. Can you tell me which method you use that worked? Thanks

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