Earn 400 Bonus Tesco Clubcard Points (960 Avios) When Buying Petrol

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Esso has released a new “pay at the pump” App. Essentially it allows you to pay for fuel without queuing at the counter.

In order to incentivise take-up, Esso is offering 400 bonus Clubcard points. You probably already know that 400 Clubcard points converts to 960 Avios or 1,000 Virgin Atlantic miles – more if you wait for a conversion bonus or enjoy the old grandfathered rate for Avios conversions.

The 400 points is split into 2 bonuses:

  • 200 points for your first fuel purchase of 30 litres or more (using the app)
  • 200 points after five purchases of 30 litres or more (using the app)

How it Works


A handful of Esso locations are set up to accept the new App, with more being upgraded to accept the App. Even though the Esso website promises a list, you are directed to the App to search for a participating Esso location nearby.

Earning Tesco Clubcard Points at Esso

For simplicity, you might just prefer to buy your petrol at Tesco (if you have one handy) when chasing Clubcard points. But when you buy your petrol at Esso, you will earn:

  • Esso garage WITHOUT a Tesco shop – 1 point for every 2 litres of fuel purchased
  • Esso garage WITH a Tesco shop – 1 point for every £3 of fuel purchased
  • Car wash – 1 point per £1 spent

Of course, if the Esso garage is attached to a Tesco Express shop, you will earn the standard 1 point per £1 for food, etc. purchases in-store.

The Bottom Line

If you want to check out the Esso website detailing this new payment option, you can reach it by clicking here.

Assuming that the App works (and that’s quite the assumption!), it’s always a good thing to earn a little bit of an extra rebate on purchases you are already required or planning to make…

But, as usual, don’t buy Esso petrol if you have a cheaper option nearby. You’ll spend more money than the value of the Clubcard points / miles earned…

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