Fancy Some Perks On Your Hotel Stays? – Check Out The New Marriott Status Challenge

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The merger between Marriott Rewards and SPG certainly hasn’t been the smoothest (by some margin…). That said, before the merger, SPG and Marriott both had a Status Challenge, which made it relatively easy to earn Platinum status (with benefits such as breakfast, lounge access and room upgrade) – and one of the positive aspects of the merger is that a status challenge is still available. With 6,700+ hotels now under the Marriott badge, earning elite status could be very useful…

New Status Challenge

The new Marriott Rewards Status Challenge is now unlocked. As before, you can get Gold Status or Platinum Status as part of a Fast Track offer. With benefits such as guaranteed lounge access, upgrades to suites and more, Platinum status is certainly the most attractive in this case.

Marriott Rewards Status Challenge

As before, the status challenge for Marriott Rewards Gold or Platinum status has to be completed over a period of three months. It therefore, probably, makes sense to choose a time frame when you already have quite a lot of travel planned.

For Gold Status, you must spend 8 nights in those three months. If you’re aiming for Platinum Status,  you will need 16 nights at Marriott hotels during the qualifying period.


You have to register for the status challenge before any stays, if you want them to count towards the challenge.

With SPG you could apply for the status challenge online, but Marriott Rewards is a bit different. According to GSTP, you must call your local call center to request the status challenge.

Interestingly, the Status Challenge does not seem to require any other hotel status – the UK Call Center can be reached on 020 7012 7312.

Marriott Rewards Status Challenge


    • Craig Sowerby says

      I think they’re supposed to be paid nights – 2 and a bit weeks using points would be far too easy – but I’m not sure that there is an official set of T&Cs in circulation

  1. VK says

    What about setting the challenge period before hand? Like signing up now for a challenge in Q1 of 2019 so that then hotels can be booked at lower rates once the sales etc kick in? I have a bucket load of travel plans for then.

    Also, I see you said nights, not stays? So 1 place for 5 nights etc is good I presume?

  2. Whizz68 says

    Do you know if there is an upcoming sale Hilton Hotels in the US? I am looking to stay during the end of November and early December.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Hi Whizz,

      I’m not 100% certain, but I imagine so. What you could always do is book a flexible rate now and then check every now and then to see if the prices get lower nearer the time.

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