Curve and American Express are Back Together Again!

Curve card

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Curve, the card/app combo that provides the convenience of having “all your cards in one”, has just released a video on Twitter with some potentially pretty big news for points/miles collectors: it will be possible to add American Express cards to your Curve account once again “soon”. Yep, Curve AND American Express are back together!



We don’t have any firm dates to share yet, but Curve had been in touch a few times to let us know they were working really hard to bring Amex back. Given an announcement has now been made publically, I would expect to see Amex functionality restored within the next few months at the latest (possibly weeks).

We also don’t know exactly what the deal here is going to be – might there might be a small surcharge when charging transactions through to an Amex ‘funding’ card?

What we do now know though, is that American Express is definitely coming back to Curve and that’s great news! Many businesses still refuse to accept Amex payments, meaning that points/miles collectors miss out on a lucrative return on that spend. The physical Curve card is a debit Mastercard, meaning it’s accepted just about everywhere, but the actual payment when you use it comes off your linked ‘funding’ card.

In other words, by linking an American Express card to Curve, you will be able to effectively pay with American Express more or less everywhere in the world that accepts card payments.

Free £5 for signing up to Curve

Use the code INFLY when you sign up and you will receive £5.00 on your Curve card after your first transaction. Yes, even on the free version of the card!

We’ll publish a more extensive article tomorrow explaining all about Curve, so if you want to find out more, keep an eye out for that!



  1. Boobaholic says

    If I have used a debit/credit card behind CURVE to pay an Amex card balance, can I add that Amex card to Curve ?

  2. hamiltus says

    This is awesome !!! Too bad I’m still well over 2,000th in the waitlist 🙁

    Anyone notice that their number doesn’t ever seem to move ? Mine’s been there for nearly six months…

    • Joe Deeney says

      That definitely doesn’t sound right! – I’d get in touch with them on twitter/email. If you don’t hear anything, let me know and I’ll make sure it gets to someone. I’d advise acting quickly though, because there’s probably going to be lots of new applications now amex is back.

    • Ams says

      My card took 4 days to come. But then I didn’t get the free one and used a code. The black card is better foreign fx and only a one off fee unlike revlout who rip you off for their paid version. Try code AHNHD. I think it jumpt tje que and you get a free £5. As I do too!

  3. Jay Bee says

    This is all part of their new annual fee premium product, which is coming soon – the physical card is also going to be made out of metal.

  4. Big Dave says

    ‘Soon’ means some sort of paid subscription I guess for the Amex ability as not everyone wants / needs it.
    use code AMCEN if you want another £5 off too !

  5. Scottydogg says

    I applied for this Curve card weeks ago , still saying that im 5000th in line . Ive just emailed them now to see what the hold up is

  6. Ian McDowall says

    I applied for the free one and it arrived in 4 days.
    I’ve also emailed a couple of days ago and was told that AMEX will be added in November.

    • Ams says

      Sammy your all over every message board like a rash and are more desparate than a dog on heat. i made sure i didn’t use your code cause i can’t stand people repeating themselves over and over again.

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