Another Twist in the Ryanair Cabin Bag Saga!

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Another week, another Ryanair cabin bag policy change!

Following my previous article a couple of weeks ago, Ryanair has obviously experienced some significant backlash from their customers who felt blindsided by the changes.

Free 10kg Checked Bag

If you BOOKED on or before 31st August, to FLY on or after 1st November – Ryanair has now added a free 10kg checked bag to your reservation.

To be clear this is a checked bag. You will need to drop it off at check-in and retrieve it from baggage claim after landing. You cannot take it through security to the gate, so make sure important things like your passport or medicines are not in it!

If you arrive at the gate with your 10kg large bag without purchasing Priority Boarding, you will be charged £25.

Free Priority Boarding

Slightly surprisingly, Ryanair is also refunding any passengers who booked on/before 31st August, but paid for Priority Boarding after 1st September – whilst still allowing them to bring 2 bags on-board.

These two seem to have aged quite significantly since my last article after they tried to get their heads around the constantly shifting baggage policy…

So what does this mean?

It’s simple right!? What ever could go wrong with this mish-mash of bag policies depending on when you booked your flight or added an extra service – and various combinations thereof?

As I suspected in my previous article, Ryanair have had to backtrack slightly on their original plans after significant backlash in the media and online. On the plus side it shows Ryanair is listening, but obviously they aren’t bothered enough (yet) for a complete U-Turn.

If you are in this affected group, i.e. you booked a flight before 31st August for travel on/after 1st November – check your booking carefully, and double check what you should be doing with your bags. I expect more than a few will be hit with a £25 fine at the gate in early November due to the confusion.

You can read the full Ryanair press release here.


  1. ADS says

    i struggle to see how Ryanair will actually impose the £25 fee / fine at the gate – they just aren’t set up to take payments at the gate, and their gate staff are already quite busy !

    • Joe Deeney says

      Yes, I imagine that will create all sorts of new ‘fun’ – it’s bad enough sometimes with the current system…

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