The Remarkable Value Available from Stacking Current Hilton Deals…

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I was looking at hotel options for an upcoming trip and was once again reminded of the remarkable value that can be generated by stacking deals and promotions together – in this case by taking advantage of the various Hilton deals currently on offer.

First, check out the excellent rates available in the Hilton Summer Sale. Afterall, if the rates weren’t competitive to start with, you’d struggle to end up with good value regardless of how much deal stacking you did. Fortunately, the Hilton sale rates are genuinely good – we flagged some of the UK highlights here and international highlights here

Next, make sure you’ve opted in to receive double Hilton Honors Points from your stays (available until 9th September 2018).

Finally, register your account to receive 2,500 ‘Miles&More’ Points per stay. Remember that, as well as opting in, you need to link your Hilton account to your M&M account too: Login to your Hilton account, scroll down to the heading on the left that says “My Profile”, then click on “preferences”, scroll down to “Preferred Travel Partners”, add your M&M account details, make sure M&M is ticked as your preferred travel partner and to hit save changes.

Example: Get more back in value than you actually pay for your stays!

Let’s take a very extreme example (1. Because it’s fun. 2. Because I might actually take advantage of this exact scenario).

The cheapest Hilton hotel/s in the world are the two Hilton Garden Inns in Kuala Lumpur, where rates are usually ~£20 per night. As a Hilton Honors Diamond member, for a 1-night £20 ($25) stay I would therefore receive the following:

  • 250 base Honors Honors Points (10 Points per USD)
  • 250 bonus Hilton Honors Points (due to double Points)
  • 250 bonus Hilton Honors Points (due to Diamond 100% bonus earning rate)
  • 750 bonus Hilton Honors Points (Diamond ‘MyWay’ perk at Garden Inns, though choosing free breakfast would usually provide considerably better value. Stays at brands like DoubleTree, Conrad and standard Hilton earn 1,000 Points in addition to free breakfast)
  • 2,500 ‘Miles&More’ Points

In total then, that adds up to 1,500 Hilton, which I value at about £6 and 2,500 ‘M&M’ Points which I value at roughly £25. In other words, ~£31 in value back from a £20 stay.

Don’t forget that there are often cashback options available in addition too!

Hilton deals bottom line

I’ve chosen a deliberately extreme example to help demonstrate the sort of Hilton deals you can get at the moment, but even on a more typical £100 stay, I’d still end up with 4,000-5,000 Hilton Honors Points (depending on the brand) worth £16-20 and the 2,500 M&M Points. That’s an effective 40%+ rebate, which isn’t bad at all!

If you don’t already have elite status with Hilton, find out how you can get Gold after just 4 stays and Diamond from 8 stays (and even stays booked with Points count!).

Anyone else switching stays across to Hilton at the moment?


  1. Ross says

    2500 M&M per stay so if you switched each night between the two properties you could really rack up loads of MM points!!!

  2. Sharat says

    I am half way through the Diamond challenge, although I am using the higher rates simply because I can get away easily on weekends esp to Europe.
    Also some properties offer you extra 500 points if you do not have your room cleaned on one night!
    By the way if you haven’t looked at Double tree Hilton Sheffield Park – try it – it’s 10k/ night consistently. I
    I have had the M&M points awardees but they haven’t yet made it to the M&M portfolio..
    Also I havent had much luck with upgrades except once.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Nice – I’ve booked family members into the Doubletree Sheffield Park a few times and they enjoyed it, but haven’t made it there myself.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Seems to be working fine on award bookings, though I’m not 100% certain if you need to charge something to the room to trigger it.

  3. Pangolin says

    Every time Joe posts something along these lines I end up checking to the fares to Kuala Lumpur 😉
    At least we don’t have to go to Yemen for this one… or was it Oman?

    As our transatlantic cousins might say, Hilton knocks it out of the park when it comes to promos. That’s one of the reasons I’ll be switching to Hilton as my main programme come next year (I’ll be able to bask in “One Program” Plat for another year but what the corporate droids are doing to SPG doesn’t appeal to me)

    • Joe Deeney says

      Haha!- I’m pleased to confirm it was Oman and not Yemen, thankfully.

      Agreed, for the combination of good promos and fairly decent elite benefits (and relative ease of achieving elite status) Hilton is definitely my top pick at the moment.

  4. Mp says

    Stay the doubletree on either Monday,Wednesday or Saturday and gold or diamond members recieve free drinks from 7pm to 830pm. Bonus

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