What is the Cheapest Hilton Hotel in the World?

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Whether it’s to earn elite status cheaply or to maximise bonus points offers, most ‘travel hackers’ keep an eye out for good value hotels that are part of their favoured loyalty programmes. A couple of Hilton Honors options recently caught my attention and made me wonder if they might be the cheapest Hilton hotels in the world.

If you’re thinking they might be in Turkey, it’s not a bad guess. I haven’t checked the other cities there, but Istanbul certainly offers consistently low rates:

£30+ isn’t even close to the cheapest Hilton Honors hotels I found though – and the real kicker is that they’re new, actually look quite nice and have a great location!

So, where in the world?

Yep, see those towers – it’s Kuala Lumpur!

And there’s not just one, but two (or at least there will be from September when the second one opens):

Remarkably, someone has decided that what the (probably) cheapest Hilton hotel in the world really needs is an almost exact replica next door…

I haven’t picked some sort of freakish mistake rate dates by the way – 112 Malaysian Ringgits are worth about £21, and that rate is available almost every date, including during the Summer Holidays:

Kuala Lumpur is well known for offering excellent hotels at bargain prices, whether using hotel points or cash, but £21 is still pretty amazing.

If you fancy something more 5*,  the DoubleTree by Hilton is also superb value at just 10,000 Hilton Honors Points per night – particularly if you have Diamond status, as then you get lounge access with free food and drinks too (not that you should spend all your time in a hotel lounge in a city like KL!). You can currently buy 10,000 Hilton Points for about £40, so that’s still where I’ll be staying on my next trip.

Bottom line

Having two of the cheapest Hilton hotels in the world next door to each other (and in a great city), is basically a ‘travel hackers’ dream. Given Hilton Honor’s frequent ‘per stay’  based bonus points promotions, I can see A LOT of alternate 1-night stays being booked between these two hotels!

Can you find an even cheaper Hilton Honors hotel? – I’ll send out some exclusive limited edition InsideFlyer bag tags to anyone who does! 😉


  1. Russell Wilson says

    It’s a real shame about the political problems in Istanbul because it’s a great place to pick up cheap flights to Asia. KL is high on my cheapo hit list though and thankfully the Mrs doesn’t mind swapping hotels for point runs. Thanks Joe.

    • vmanznsb says

      Not sure what it’s like there currently, but I spent a month in Turkey between April and May this year (2 whole weeks in Istanbul) and didn’t once see or run into any problems whatsoever.

        • Joe Deeney says

          I was there for a week or so a couple of months ago and apart from pictures of Erdogan everywhere (election season) there wasn’t really any visible signs of anything. I’ve got a couple of good mates who have been living and working there for years and obviously they are much more aware of what’s going on and how their Turkish mates feel, but from a tourist point of view I’d happily recommend it.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Cheers AH! – Yep, the only downside I can think of really is that the airport quite far from the city.

      That said, train only takes about 30 mins and costs ~£10 I think, Taxi takes roughly 40 minutes and costs about £20-30, if memory serves!

  2. Michael Jennings says

    I was in Turkey for a short trip a couple of months ago, and I stayed in three Hiltons – two in Istanbul and the Doubletree in Kusadasi. None of them cost more than £35, and Gold status got me free breakfast, as well as substantial room upgrades on two hotels out of three. It was great. Turkey is an enormous bargain at the moment.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Yep – same for my stays. Highlight was probably getting both rooms on the booking upgraded to suites at the Doubletree Moda (nice hotel in a great area – about £60 per room per night) – and both rooms got lounge access despite me being the only Diamond.

  3. Lotoholik says

    Stayed in the one in KL recently. They even have 90MYR rates for a single room. Good location, new property. Definitely a great option for securing your HH status.

  4. Craig Sowerby says

    Excellent. I do like Istanbul but the really cheap Hiltons are very inconvenient for hotel hopping and sightseeing.

    KL would do quite nicely… But it is a real head scratcher as to why the second one isn’t a different brand.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Aye – though I do like the 5k Points per night airport hotel!

      Re the branding, it really is an odd one isn’t it? You would’ve thought a Hampton or something would be the obvious choice for the second hotel. BTW – if you’re looking for Marriott stays, the (really nice looking!) Element will be just 7,500 Points and I think the Aloft might be too.

      • Craig Sowerby says

        Indeed. Many people just want to get to their final destination without stopping over for the night.

        But those low category airport hotels are brilliant for picking up cheap stays and help break up long journeys into more manageable chunks.

  5. Pangolin says

    Hopping back and forth between those two KL HGIs must be the cheapest possible way of getting Gold/Diamond status – for those of us outside the US who can’t simply get it by having the right kind of credit card.

    I’m with Craig on the virtue of picking up stay credits in low category airport hotels. Early AM flights are often cheap enough compared to the ones at more reasonable times to more than offset the cost of the hotel stay itself.

    Never been to IST – will have to check it out at those prices (though it will be more useful to me next year in terms of qualifying for Diamond, as I already have it till early 2020).

    BTW, Egypt was always the place for epic cheap hotels (especially Marriott and SPG).

  6. Search A Holiday says

    Cheapest Hilton hotels in the world !
    Hilton in Istanbul and Kusadasi best places, and there is plenty of bargains there. So if you are planning for an exotic Turkey tour then Turley is where you will find Cheapest Hilton hotels in the world. The max is £35.0. There is also free breakfast if you are looking for gold status.

  7. Han says

    I have stayed in all of the malaysian and So KL ‘hiltons’. The cheap one (not doubletree) is far from Hilton atmosphere and is even worse compared to an Ibis hotel. Breakfast was horrible and chaotic. We moved to the doubletree which offere much better value. I stay here every year.
    Also most of the Istanbul hotels I know. But also here is huge difference vetween hotels. I prefer Bomonti (not great a location) but it ks luxurious! I only know one hilton in Kaiserk which is weird and not really hilton like but people are super friendly and so is the price. Not even 30 dolloars.

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