‘Secret’ American Express Offers…

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We cover the various travel-related targeted American Express offers for cardholders quite regularly here at InsideFlyer, as they can offer a very decent additional rebate on your travel spend. I’ve never managed to work out though what algorithm Amex uses to decide which cardholders (and which cards) get targeted with which offers – my BA (free) card, for example, currently gets far more offers than my Gold Card, when I’m sure it used to be the other way round.

Anyway, one thing I’d forgotten about is that a lot of the offers are actually open to all cardholders – if you know where to look. The American Express Connect website often has a range of travel offers that you can add your American Express cards. At the moment, there are 4 different hotel offers on there:

If you spot an offer you like, just click on it:

Filling in your details takes 20 seconds and then the offer is saved on your chosen card:


I really like these American Express offers, because the rebate is on top of any other discounts/bonus points promotions you can get with the travel company. Being able to add at least some of the ones that your card hasn’t been targeted for, means more options and more savings!



  1. Ian McDowall says

    Have you seen on the BA Amex card (fee card) that they have an offer showing for a bonus 12500 avios when you buy 25000 or more avios on ba. Com.
    That makes each point 0.127p each.
    Is this a good deal?

    • Miles Hunt says

      Hi Ian. 0.127p each would be a superb deal. However by my maths, you’re paying £415 for 37500 Avios, which is 1.106p each. That’s ok value and many will go for it at that price. I’m not tempted though.

      • Ian McDowall says

        Lol. Decimal point. Error. And failing to add up properly. Too much sun and beer here in Portugal.
        Are you not tempted because its BA or just not a good enough deal?

        • Doogie says

          If you value them at around 1p then it’s a not quite good enough deal. If you desperately need them to complete an imminent redemption then it’s cheaper than normal buy price.

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