An Update for Those Who Bought Avios from Groupon This Weekend

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It seems to be “blink and you’ll miss it” from Groupon Spain, with its discounted Avios packages. This weekend’s offer already appears to be sold out. I’ll be watching to see whether it returns next Saturday.

But as it happens, I should be in Chicago next Saturday so I might be a bit slow in getting the word out. If you sum up all of the Avios I’ve purchased from Groupon and the added bonuses from the IberiaPluStore – plus add in the fact that I booked this reward flight during the 25%-off promotion at the end of 2017, which I wrote about here – my 25,500 Avios for a Business Class one-way ticket cost me £200 or so, with an extra £100 in taxes and surcharges.

£300 for a one-way in Business Class to North America? Yes please! This is why we love these Groupon offers and Iberia Plus here at InsideFlyer UK – (long may they both continue!) – and why I can afford to say “yeah I fancy a week in Chicago / New York / Boston / Colombia, etc. etc.”

But the main reason for this post is to update readers about the IT problems experienced by Groupon this weekend. Most, if not all, of you had difficulties with converting your Groupon voucher into Avios. However, this morning I made another attempt and I was able to complete the conversion process correctly.

It is important not to forget to convert your voucher, since these vouchers will expire on 10 May, 2018.


Anyhow, just a quick note for this Monday morning. Leave a comment to let us and your fellow readers know whether the conversion also worked (or didn’t work) for you…


  1. hamiltus says

    Yeah once the weekend passed I was able to redeem the voucher.

    Also with a chunk of the other Avios I got in previous Groupon sales I finally found a nice redemption use for them :

    Redeemed 7,500 Avios for an Avios & Cash Cathay Pacific Premium Economy award ticket from Hong Kong to Singapore (the one with a fifth freedom stop in BKK which almost doubles the flight time ?). €108 copayment to cut the Avios cost in half seemed like a good deal IMO for a $900 ticket

  2. A C says

    I had 3 of these Groupons from a previous promo. None of them posted even though I got email confirmations/acknowledge for them all. Is that an issue with the GrouponES side or IB side?

    • Craig Sowerby says

      I’m not sure what you mean by 3 from a previous promo. Did you buy packages other than the standard 2,000 Avios, all at once?

      The issue is generally with Groupon I suspect.

      That said, your comment made me look through my history, and it appears that I haven’t received the last three or four sets of 2,000 Avios. It would certainly be very devious of Groupon to run so many promos so that people lose track…

      However, the conversion webpage is down for maintenance, which makes me wonder whether Groupon has discovered a glitch that they are trying to fix.

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