Chicago or Boston for 25,500 Avios Return – Don’t Miss This Iberia Plus Promotion

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Iberia Plus has launched a promotion – to select destinations – offering a 25% discount on reward flights booked with Avios. You must complete your reward booking by 31 January, 2018. [EDIT: Your Iberia Plus account must be based in Spain to participate!]

According to Iberia Plus, the destinations on offer (to/from Madrid) are:

  • Chicago – from 25,500 Avios return in Blue (Economy) Class
  • Boston – from 25,500 Avios return
  • Johannesburg – from 31,900 Avios return
  • Shanghai – from 38.300 Avios return
  • Tokyo – from 44,600 Avios return
  • London – from 12,800 Avios return

You receive the 25% discount for reward flights during the following time period:

  • 1 February – 23 March, 2018
  • 1 April – 15 May, 2018


I am quite sure that many readers are thrilled to find out about the promotion as soon as possible – Japan/China in April! 🙂 – but it appears to me that Iberia Plus has made a right mess of things in the rush to get away from the office for Christmas…

  • There is no landing page for the promotion in English, so use Google Chrome to try to read this webpage
  • Even in Spanish, it is not even remotely clear which cabins / reward classes qualify for the discount
  • The 25% discount is not yet being applied online – maybe you’d have more luck with the call centre?
  • Until the discount is properly applied, I cannot confirm whether a London-Madrid-Chicago reward would price at the discounted rate for both of the London to Madrid and Madrid to Chicago legs
  • The price quoted for Tokyo appears to be incorrect – the cheapest off-peak Blue class return ticket costs 59,500 Avios, so a 25% discount would make it 47,600
  • The pricing quoted above for Shanghai is also incorrect  – the online booking system provides the same pricing for Shanghai as it does for Tokyo
  • The regular off-peak pricing for London to Madrid (return) is 13,000 Avios, so 12,800 is not a 25% discount

As we write about frequently on InsideFlyer, many of the best deals involve “positioning” to somewhere outside of the UK. Don’t forget to re-read this post for a reminder of how to avoid getting caught out by booking separate tickets. But once the promotion is running correctly (and assuming that it covers Business Class as well), you cannot possibly beat spending 51,000 Avios (plus reasonable surcharges) to fly return to Chicago or Boston in Iberia’s Business Class!


Please leave us a comment if you figure out what’s going on! I’ll also update this post if I manage to speak to Iberia Plus after Christmas.


    • Craig Sowerby says

      Hopefully somebody with a UK-based account can give it a quick check.

      In my case, my IB+ was originally set up with a UK address and I wasn’t getting the discount. 30 seconds after changing to a Spain address the discount magically started being applied…

      • Joe Deeney says

        Worked fine on my UK account, accessing it from the UK last week. In portugal now, so not much point in testing it again from a UK perspective, but it still seems fine.

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