How to Stay at Hilton Hotels for £14.40 Per Night!

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I posted yesterday about the current Hilton Honors 100% bonus when purchasing Points. As regular readers might know, I’m usually a little sceptical when it comes to buying Points or Miles (apart from SPG Starpoints of course!), but sometimes it’s worth a quick reminder about how you can make big savings using these deals. With the bonus Hilton Honors Points deal, it’s possible to stay at Hilton hotels for just ~£14.40, which really is remarkable.

Getting the Points

The 100% bonus runs until June 7 2018, and you can buy up to a maximum of 80,000 Points per year (not including the bonus 80,000!).

The 100% bonus means that you would effectively be buying Hilton Points at a rate of ~0.36p (0.5 cents) per Point, which is a little under my general valuation for them of 0.4p.

Redeeming the Points

Category 1 Hilton hotels require just 5,000 Points per night. At 0.36p per Point, you can buy 5,000 for about £18.00, which is a pretty great deal in itself – assuming you can find a Category 1 you actually want to stay at. A Category 2 (like the excellent Hampton Liverpool Airport) would cost £36 – frequently saving you more than half the lowest cash rate:

Remember that Points bookings are (almost) always refundable too.

To sweeten things even further, Silver, Gold and Diamond Honors members get the ‘5th night free‘ on award stays, meaning that you only pay the Points required for 4 nights when staying 5 nights. 5 nights at a Category 1 therefore requires 20,000 Points, which would cost ~£72. £72 divided by 5 nights = ~£14.40 per night!

Bottom line

I reason I’m writing this post today is because I actually intend to take advantage of the 100% bonus myself this time – and redeem for a Category 1! I’ll be in Turkey in a few weeks and won’t arrive until quite late, so a 5,000 Points Category 1 airport hotel sounds perfect. The cash rates aren’t high really (£40-£50), but why pay that when I can get the Points for £18 instead?

What are your favourite Category 1-2 Hilton Hotels?


  1. Sharat says

    Hi Joe,
    I too plan to buy through this offer. The pain is in finding the category 1 and 2 Hilton hotels- is there any updated link- the one you posted about 2 years ago doesnt seem to work anymore.

  2. Callum says


    If I want to do the Hilton Diamond Status match challenge does it work with pay with points or only cahs stays?


    • Joe Deeney says

      Hi Callum,

      Yep, Points stays have certainly always counted historically and I haven’t heard anything different. I’ll be making a Points stay myself next week actually, so should be able to confirm 100% shortly after, but I’m 99% sure already.

        • Joe Deeney says

          Still impossible to say 100% as although I’ve done a few stays, I haven’t completed the challenge yet.

          My account logs the stays of course, but it doesn’t actually show the fast track criteria on there unfortunately – just the normal Diamond requalification info.

          That said, I’ll be VERY surprised (and quite disappointed having done a bunch!) if Points stays don’t count, but will know for certain by early July once I’ve completed all 8 stays.

          • Craig Sowerby says

            Really? When I did the Gold fast track my counter definitely updated to say 4 stays to Gold. But you have to click around a bit to switch away from the default, which is nights.

            Might not work quite the same for Challenges though…

          • Joe Deeney says

            Yeah, just the normal screen telling me I’ve got to (currently) make 26 more stays to retain diamond – app is the same.

  3. George B. says

    Hilton Garden Inn Istanbul Airport was wonderful last summer. I booked it on points and the restaurant staff went out of their way to serve our family. In-room dining wasn’t overpriced either, whereas the old waiter who delivered it to us was a hoot! I rebooked the same spot for this July because I intend to explore their swimming pool – something on which we didn’t have time a year ago. Besides, the hotel isn’t far from the sea aquariums, I hope to have a thorough look at those too.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Hi George – I agree with you completely. I had a few small hitches because it was completely sold out and I arrived quite late, but if you’res using Points (like I did) the value is remarkable. Very comfortable, just a few quid in a taxi to the airport, good soundproofing, has a pool, nice staff, etc. It’s now definitely my ‘go to’ when arriving late or leaving early from Ataturk.

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