Another source of Hilton (and other travel) cashback

Simply Rewards

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I wrote recently about the options for earning cashback on Hilton stays. In this, we presented options for;

  • A “hidden” offer for hard cash via TopCashback UK (now more easily found on TopCashback)
  • A more involved route for cashback in $ via TopCashback USA
  • Avios via Avios shopping portal

These options all stack nicely with the spend £250, get £50 credit American Express offer that Miles wrote about earlier in November. One other source of cashback that I’ll own up to forgetting about is Simply Rewards. This is a Visa portal, used most notably by Nationwide in the UK.  I wrote about this back in 2016 in this article.

How does it work?

Much like the American Express statement credits that we often see, the cashback is paid by the card issuer, after a qualifying transaction is billed. They have no way of knowing if you booked via a cashback portal, or any points-earning shopping portal. This makes double-dipping for a kickback nice and easy! There are a few exceptions where voucher codes are used to give a discount.

What’s the deal then?

Right now, for me, it’s 10% back on a Hilton spend of £75 or more.

Hilton cashback

Obviously, the £75+ needs to be billed to your card before the 22nd December for this offer. This might be a good time to book a pre-paid rate in the current winter sale (just don’t tell Craig!) or at least ensure you are checking out and paying before the 22nd.

With 8 Avios / £1 + Double Hilton points + 10% back that’s quite a return on your Hilton stays!

If only I hadn’t just booked a stay with my American Express, although that is chasing another £50 credit

Anything else worth redeeming for?

There’s an eclectic mix of merchants on Simply Rewards, but let’s stick to travel related offers around here?

Travel cashbackTravel cashback

Both of these do involve booking via a specific URL, so you can’t earn any other cashback from Quidco or TopCashback.

Travel Cashback

If you’ve got some coach travel coming up, this ought to work with any other deals such as TopCashback and the New National Express Loyalty Programme that The Deal Daddy wrote about.

Sounds great; where do I sign?

Obviously you need a Nationwide account  (debit and credit cards can enroll) but if you do, get onto the Nationwide Visa offers page and see what you have available. Nationwide’s own page with the full details, terms and conditions is here

Hopefully, this gives you another tool in your travel toolbox, and can get some value from your upcoming travel spend.


  1. Craig Sowerby says

    Ha! I just lit a £100 note on fire (metaphorically) by booking a non-refundable hotel rate and getting stuck in the snow… The hotel was unsympathetic to my DYKWIA super elite megastar speech…

    Thanks for the tip re. Simply Rewards. I have that Nationwide Visa for international life/travel but have never even heard of Simply Rewards!

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