New National Express Loyalty Programme and More

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For obvious reasons we write a lot about air travel (and sometimes rail travel) here at InsideFlyer, but in the run up to the impending festive travel/mayhem that many of us will soon be embarking on, I thought I’d share a quick round-up of what has been happening recently at coach company National Express.

NX Rewards

First up – a new foray into the loyalty programme/cashback market from National Express, called ‘NX Rewards‘, has been launched and might be worth a quick look.

If you sign up here and then book a National Express coach, you can apparently get £16.87 cashback, regardless of how much or how little your ticket costs. There are a few hoops to jump through, but it doesn’t seem hugely onerous.

You can have a look at the full list of benefits here. What is rather strange is that there is a £15 monthly fee, but you get it back each month as a cashback bonus, as long as you make at least one purchase with any retailer via the NX Rewards site. Anyway you don’t need to worry about that too much to begin with, because there’s a 30 day free trial, so nothing much to lose as long as you remember to cancel before the end of the trial period.

I’m not really sure yet if there is any long term value to be had here, but if you’re booking a coach for travel in the the next 30 days, you might as well signup for free, claim the £16.87 bonus, and see what you think.

More National Express news


National Express has now finally rolled out the VUER Entertainment service across the country. I have tried it a couple of times already and have been impressed.

It’s completely free and you can watch a decent selection of films, latest news, cartoons for the kids (and me), tv shows from Now TV and more.

Download it before you travel from your chosen app store, as (bizarrely!) you can’t download it onboard using the National Express WIFI.

Seat Reservations

In another slightly odd move, National Express has introduced paid seat reservations.

I have never had a problem getting seats with my travel companions when I have travelled in the past on coaches, or felt compelled to book a particular seat, but it might appeal to some people (maybe?).

If you are interested, starting from £2, you can reserve a seat in the front section of the coach on the following routes.

– Birmingham to/from Luton Airport

– Birmingham, Bournemouth, Brighton, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, Manchester, Nottingham & Southampton to/from London Victoria

National Express is rolling it out across the country in the coming months.


  1. Kristine says

    Hello Nxrewards,

    I recently Joined Nxreward and i’m quite ok with the service because so far i have received everything that was promised : Welcome Reward and Monthly. But when i was joining the program i received another solicitation for mytimereward.
    But the problem is that when submitted the mytimereward form i received a alert saying that i am already a member.
    HOW COME ? I don’t remember being member of mytimereward. Does it mean that i cannot be member of mytimereward and nxrewards at the same time?

    Is it true what amanda is saying about not being allowed to be member Nxreward, Mytimereward and Completesavings (i have never been a member)?

    I love Nxreward and if the 2 others websites are also good like nxrewards, i would love to join too.
    But i wonder if it’s possible 🙁

    • NX Rewards says

      Hello Kristine:

      We are glad to hear you are pleased with your NX Rewards membership and we hope you continue to enjoy your membership benefits.

      We will be very happy to assist you. Please provide us with your NX Rewards membership number so that we can check our records and look into this matter for you.

      Thank you.

      Kind regards,
      NX Rewards

  2. james ahmed says

    I inadvertently joined NXRewards in March 2018 after purchasing a coach ticket online and quickly un-subscribed myself when I realised that this would cost £15.00 month (£180.00/year). No problem except that despite having been un-subscribed and refunded by NXRewards I continued to be debited by a company called MyTimeRewards who initially insisted that they had no connection with NXRewards but now admit that they work in partnership. They say that when I signed up for NXRewards I also signed up for MyTimeRewards but I don’t recollect this at all. It’s been a nightmare attempting to elicit the truth so my message is : If you sign up to NXRewards be careful not to be transferred to another website or you might find your account being debited even after your cancel your NXRewards membership.

    • Ruihong TAO says

      Hello James,
      when you claim your welcome reward, what’s the meaning of the purchasing reference? can you please give me an example.
      I wrote many emails to national express, but they only replied me like a robot, I can’t anything helpful from them.

  3. Minh Phan says

    I have the same problems as James ahmed that I was bought the train tickets for my school trip to London last May for only 1 week, and I didn’t know that I was subscribed with paying memberships fro both NXRewards and MyTimeRewards because I was using my bank account from my home country that I rarely check. Recently I was checking the transaction and saw I was charged for the last 3 months ( June – July – August of 2019) when I was not in the UK nor using any of the services. I really hope I can get a refund and somehow I was wondering why I didn’t know I have to pay for the membership that I did not intend to join because I just want to buy 1 ticket to return to Berlin where I am studying.

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