Earn 1,000 Free Points from Marriott Rewards

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Marriott Rewards has announced a revamping of its #MRPoints program that offered free points for engaging with Marriott via social media. The new programme is going to be called #RewardsPoints – I assume that Marriott’s PR people eventually figured out that their hashtag was being interpreted as “Mister Points” instead of “Marriott Rewards Points”.

More interestingly, members are now going to be tempted with a maximum of 45,000 bonus points per year, enough for a free night at any Marriott property (excluding Ritz-Carlton hotels). You can reach the website for this promotion by clicking here.


The first opportunities to earn bonus points are easy. You simply must follow Marriott Rewards on a few social networking websites to earn up to 1,000 points:

I’m not yet sure whether members who previously participated in #MRpoints will receive these bonus points again. Please leave a comment below if you’ve already managed to test it out.

Remember that you can transfer Marriott Rewards Points freely to/from Starwood Preferred Guest Starpoints instantly at a 3:1 rate (so 1,000 Marriott Points will get you 333 Starpoints).

Marriott Category 1 hotels require just 7,500 Marriott Reward Points (SPG Category 1 hotels 2,000-3,000 Starpoints). But it will be truly exciting if members will receive sufficient free-point opportunities to reach the 45,000 Marriott point cap each year.

Note that Marriott Rewards Points earned from social media interactions do not reset the expiry date of your Points – don’t end up in a situation like Joe did where his converted Starpoints immediately expired due to “inactivity” in his Marriott Rewards account!

Today seems to be free mile/point day. Enjoy!


  1. DreamingOfTokyo says

    Hmmm, as someone still waiting on the 1,000 sign up points from the June promotion to be credited to my account, I read this with a raised eyebrow! Here’s hoping they honour *this* offer…

    • Craig Sowerby says

      I wouldn’t worry about that here. This promo is ongoing and has worked previously for most people.

      Handing out Avios just for signing up for a Marriott account probably wasn’t thought through enough to see that thousands would sign up (including many duplicate accounts) with no intention of ever staying at a Marriott.

    • Ross says


      Same here. I contacted MarriotRewards on Twitter and they have responded and told me that they are having delays posting them to accounts due to high demand. They’re supposedly posting them to my account in 5 business days. So would recommend contacting them on Twitter and doing the same.

  2. Ian Macky says

    I suggest that a unimportant twitter account is used. The T&C says you are giving them ability to post tweets as if they are coming from you. and to update your profile.

    They do say they won’t do this but do you really want to give an app the ability to do this, for the sake of 250 points ?

  3. Craig Sowerby says

    They haven’t done anything out-of-line during the last 2/3 years, but you might be asked to tweet things occasionally. It’s certainly a decent idea to have a secondary Twitter account for such spam. Just don’t forget the log-in details for when you actually want to tweet for your points…

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