Is There a Secret, Unpublished 20% Conversion Bonus from Tesco Clubcard to Virgin Atlantic?

Tesco Clubcard Vouchers

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Thanks to a comment made by InsideFlyer UK reader Adam in this recent post, I was curious to see whether there indeed was an unpublished bonus for conversions of Tesco Clubcard vouchers into Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles.

I duly sent £2.50 from Tesco to Virgin Atlantic and received the following miles into my account.

125 bonus miles on 625 base miles works out to a bonus of 20%, more than the rumoured 10%.

I still cannot find any mention of a conversion bonus on either the Tesco Clubcard or the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club website. It seems incredibly silly to offer a promotion but not promote it. Perhaps the webmasters of both companies are on holiday? Or are Tesco trying out individually targeted promotions but are slow with the e-mails?

Anyhow, you read it here first on InsideFlyer UK. Please leave comments below if you’ve sent some Tesco vouchers over to Flying Club in August and received the same 20%, or a different amount.


  1. Naomi Charlton says

    Hi Craig, I just double checked my recent Clubcard to Virgin transfer (on Auto Convert) & I too got the bonus 20%!! – Naomi xxxxx

  2. Adam says

    I thought my sources were correct, enjoy your secret bonuses everyone, just remember you heard over here first! ?

  3. Alex W says

    I so hope this works! Been holding onto CC points for over a year! If it turns out to be a mistake, is there any chance that Tesco/Virgin will pull the offer?

    • Craig Sowerby says

      I wouldn’t want to say. You can either send a test conversion yourself to see if you also get 20%. (then send the rest) Or you can wait until the promotion appears publicly and you know the details for sure.

  4. Peter Clarricoats says

    Still cannot find, apart from InsideFlyer, any publicity about his offer.
    Just changed enough vouchers, plus the 20%, for enough miles for two return flights to the US east coast??✈️
    Thanks InsideFlyer

  5. paul says

    This is correct.
    I telephoned Virgin flying club who knew nothing of the promo.
    Infact i was put through to 3 people before being cut off and the line going dead, charming !!!
    I then telephoned Tesco and spoke to a nice lady who kindly pulled out all the paperwork she had and confirmed a 20% bonus was active
    She read me the full promo statement and again confirmed promo was active from 1st August to 11th September 2017

  6. vpitt says

    i spent my recent clubcard vouchers on virgin airmiles… fine…. then 2 dsys later got email of 20% bonus… not happy!
    so emailed virgin… no help
    rang tesco who rffunded my vouchers! then a few days later i reused them to buy the miles again and got ghe autumn bonus!

    now the interesting bit!

    virgin have not raken the original conversion of airmkles back! so i have double the airmikes and the autumn bonus!

    do i dare spend them?

    its been a week and they are still sitting there!

    • Joe Deeney says

      That’s amazing! – I had no idea Tesco would reissue vouchers like that. I couldn’t possibly advise on whether to spend them or not though… 😉

      • Naomi Charlton says

        Hi Joe/all, well a funny thing happened to me re the Tesco/VA conversion.

        I had left it on Auto Convert, not having got round to switch it off & wait for the bonus as Craig had so sensibly advised? I then noticed my latest quarter’s points had auto-converted (=3000 miles) & was kicking myself to have missed out on the extra 20%…..

        Next day, my 3000 miles mysteriously disappeared?! So I thought I would give it a few days to see if they came back as ringing VA Customer Services can be a lengthy business? The upshot was that today they have reappeared complete with the 20% bonus!!

        So I am now a happy camper, but I’m not quite sure what is going on with Tesco/VA at the moment…..xxxxx

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