Virgin Red “Keys to the Kasbah” competition – last chance for codes

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A few weeks ago, we explained what Points-Savvy travellers ought to know about Virgin’s current “Keys to the Kasbah” competition. That’s all delivered through their Virgin Red pan-Virgin loyalty app

With only a few days left of July, there’s not much timeto hunt out and enter any remaining codes. If you’re hoping to get enough to enter the competitions for 40,000 Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles, or the nice wine, or maybe even the grand prize of a holiday in Morocco, it’s time for one final hunt!

Before we get onto the codes, there’s a few other ways you can top up your points count (and hence get closer to the competitions for the prizes like the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles or the Kasbah holiday). These include:

  • Changing your profile photo – 50 points per month – click on your photo in the top left, then click Edit Profile
  • Sharing content – 25 points per item, 5 times a month – pick an offer, click the sharing box in the top right, then share it somehow (eg copy the link…)
  • Verifying with Virgin companies – 250 points per month per company – Link up your Virgin Atlantic Flying Club or Virgin Trains West/East coast accounts

Sadly, the Terms and Conditions say that we’re not just allowed to tell you the codes, otherwise we risk all being disqualified! We can’t even directly point you to all of them, as that’s considered cheating too. We can, however, give you some hints and some more details on where to go hunt!

So, where to look? The biggest and best place is the Virgin Red Twitter feed, all the way back to late June. They’ve posted several codes, lots of hints, lots
of links to other codes, and quite a few photos with codes hidden in them!

By our count, there’s about a dozen codes available on their twitter feed. Add in the Virgin Red Instagram and the Virgin Red Facebook accounts, and we think there’s nearly 20 codes posted between the three.

Next up to look are the two Virgin Trains facebook pages. There’s codes photos there, and videos with codes in them if you watch carefully, for both Virgin Trains West Coast and Virgin Trains
East Coast
. We counted 4 codes to find between them.

The water folks over at Virgin Pure have been keen too. Between their Facebook and product pages there’s at least 3 codes to find.

For the more active, Virgin Active have at least 2 codes between their Facebook videos and Facebook photos. The twitter feeds of Virgin Experiences and the Roof Garden London should be good for at least 1 code each.

The Virgin website and main twitter feed have a few codes and video-containing codes on them, and you might want to read up on Eve Branson’s charitable work while you’re there. All that work might make you thirsty, but Virgin Wines have a code to help with that.

As with last year, Virgin Games have got quite into it, with codes and puzzles. You’ll want to check their site, their twitter and their facebook, then get cracking. You might also want to check the reviews on the Google App Store for the Virgin Red app itself, as well as trying the postcode of the Virgin HQ, Battleship House.

Virgin DS Racing have at least one code to hunt for on their twitter. Virgin Money have tweeted one code and put another on their website under a certain football team’s sub-page. Virgin Media seem to have forgotten about the competition for a while, but they’ve a code up very recently, and a code on their Facebook back at the start of the month

Finally, have a read about where you can go if you win the grand prize, and keep your eyes open for codes!

Also, if you search online, you might find some places listing lots of codes (a thread on a certain UK money saving boffin site for example). We’d urge a bit of cautin here. If you go through entering 30 codes in very quick succession, it’s fairly easy for Virgin to spot you cheated. What’s more,
there’s a rumour that Virgin have done what they did with last year’s Nectar Island code hunt, and posted a few “black” codes in some of the more obvious cheating forums. Entering one of these “black” codes would mark you as a cheater and disqualify you from winning anything. We don’t know if they’ve really done it again, or just mentioned it to keep people honest, but either way we’d suggest not just grabbing codes from a list online, but instead stay with the spirit and use our hints to go searching and finding!

Have we missed any others? Please don’t post the code! Instead, tips and pointers and clues gratefully received in the comments below…

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