Christmas in Paris or Brussels? Eurostar winter tickets now on sale

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For those with Families abroad, Christmas is a popular time to travel. For those with time off looking for a break, it’s a good time too! Sadly this means it’s generally a pretty expensive time to travel too… Eurostar put their Paris and Brussels trains for the Christmas period on sale yesterday, so if you’re pondering a trip over that period, now’s as cheap as they’ll get!

Specifically, Eurostar have just started selling their tickets for the period of 10 December to 5 January. This covers all their normal routes, so Paris, Brussels, Lille, Bruges or Disneyland® Paris. (The south-of-France Marseilles and ski trains aren’t included, sales of those should start next month on past form).

For those of you with family or good friends living in France or Belgium, the reason to visit is probably pretty clear! For the rest of you, there’s a lot of fun things to do the other side of the channel. Many cities have excellent Christmas markets, including directly served Lille and Brussels. Other good ones are only a change of train away, such as Cologne (Koln) and Strasbourg.

How good are the prices? Well, as good as they get, but not special sale prices. Looking for travel around Christmas, I’m seeing £44 each way available on most services, and most of the rest still only at £46.50 or £49. Standard Premier is £84 each way on most services still. However a few popular services (eg Friday 22nd December) are already out of the cheapest seats, and these prices can go crazy high over time, so don’t delay!


  1. Ian Perry says

    This would combine well with the ‘Spend £60, get £20 back’ American Express offer currently offered on my Preferred Rewards Gold card.

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