Business Class from £436 – More Long Haul Swiss Premium Cabin Bargains! (Reminder and Update)

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Miles posted a few days ago about the excellent Business Class fares that Swiss is currently offering from London. I thought I’d just run a quick reminder that the sale is due to end tomorrow (29th June 2017), and mention that if you are prepared to start in Brussels or Luxembourg instead, you can get even better fares.

I also want to draw your attention to some of the superb First Class fares too.

Note that this is a ‘companion’ sale, so you have to book for two people to get the lowest fares:

Business Class from Brussels:

I’ve checked a few options and can confirm that the prices are still available, with excellent availability through to 15th January for the outbound flight. Inbound flights appear to be available right through to the end of the current booking schedule in June 2018.

Price for 2 people from Brussels to Tel Aviv in Business Class Return – about £436 each.

To be honest, The savings aren’t huge compared to the flights from London (Beijing for £1,050 rather than £1179, for example), but it is an option worth knowing about. Rio de Janeiro for ~ £1,050 is also superb value and isn’t listed on the ex-London deals.

First Class Bargains

Ok, there’s probably not really such a thing as a ‘First Class Bargain’ (it’s obviously still going to cost a lot!) – but the fares are, at least, excellent compared to normal prices.

The First Class fares from Brussels are about £1755 per person to all of the destinations below, except Shanghai which is more expensive:

As you can see, that’s a lot cheaper for some of the destinations than First Class from London:

Is Swiss Business / First Class any good?

Swiss First Class

I’ve not flown with them myself, but both cabins are supposed to be excellent.

Redeeming Miles can be a bit of a pain (it’s basically impossible for Swiss First Class without M&M elite status), so there’s a bit of mystique to Swiss too, compared to the hundreds of Etihad/Cathay reviews available online. That said, Ben at OMAAT did manage to redeem Miles once and posted an extensive review, which you can check out here.

Bottom line

There are some very good fares available in the Swiss sale, both for Business and First Class, and from both London and elsewhere. Don’t forget to book asap if you’re interested!

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  1. Gerry says

    Flew Business Dublin-Zurich-Boston and returned JFK-Zurich-Dublin 18 months ago in Business. It was cheaper than BA in economy (just) . I know not the most direct route but so much better to be in Swiss Business. Fab service & care and I was impressed with Zurich airport. 1st did look very special, but happy in my ‘stubli’ cabin on the A330. Would use again tomorrow.

  2. Pangolin says

    Pity it’s a companion fare. I could have persuaded my partner if I hadn’t just booked us a round trip to BKK/HAN via QR!

    Those are epic prices for First though and it’s an A330 rather than the washed out A340s they have. Seriously good deal for anyone who is able to make a +1!

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