NEW ~£65 Discount (+ £15 Signup Credit)

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Fancy a ~£65 (75 Euros) discount off your next hotel stay? All you have to do is follow the steps below.

~£65 Discount

Once you’ve signed up, click this specific link here and you should see a green bar at the bottom of the homepage (like the one below) offering 75 Euros back when spending 225+ Euros:

75 Euros is worth roughly £65 at the moment. promotions are a bit odd, in that rather than discounting the amount charged before you pay, they ask you to pay the full amount and then refund whatever the promotion offered back to your card later. Strange, but it seems to work out ok. I would recommend taking screenshots as you book though, just in case there are any technical issues with the refund.

I wasn’t entirely certain the 75 Euro promotion would work with a UK based account, so I did some tests and it seems absolutely fine. To add an extra layer of complexity, I even looked up some hotels in the USA and the site dealt with the various currency issues without any problems, consistently showing the promotion correctly on the final booking page.

In fact, it also helpfully lets you know what the minimum you need to spend to trigger the promotion is (in Pounds!), if your transaction hasn’t reached the threshold – at the time of writing £198.75:

If you’re not looking to spend so much, remember that the previous $40 off $80 offer might still be working too – have a read of details here.

Also, if you don’t already have an account with, sign up here and you can get £15 back with your first stay of £30+ (I also get a referral bonus – so thanks!). Note that these offers don’t stack, you have to use them one at a time. The £15 signup bonus only applies to your first booking, while the other offers can be used any time, so if you’re making a number of different bookings it makes sense to start with the £15 offer first.

It’s a little unclear whether you can take advantage of the 75 Euro offer if you’ve already used the $40 one, but I think you can. If it’s showing up on the booking screen as above, I would personally be tempted to risk it – just be prepared to argue your case if required (take screenshots!).

The relevant terms state:

  • Within a reasonable time after your stay, you must either create a user account and save a valid credit card in the account settings or provide a valid credit card on the provided digital form in order to obtain the reward as a credit to your credit card — and the American Express card is not currently an accepted credit card (for receiving a credit).

  • will only recognize one eligible reservation per participant per campaign to count for an incentive bonus; and you may only receive incentive bonuses from a maximum of three different campaigns per year — including Refer-a-Friend campaigns.

Bottom line

It’s good to see another variation of the discount. For a company that did very little in terms of promotions for a long time, these offers are surprisingly generous.

Between the sign up bonus and the other promotions mentioned above, you could get a very nice deal indeed on your next few hotel stays (or break up a multiple night stay into separate bookings).

Always check hotel rates elsewhere too though, of course, and take into account the value you might be giving up in terms of Points/status benefits when not booking directly with a hotel group. For example, if I wanted to stay at a Radisson Blu / Park Plaza/ Park Inn/ etc any time soon, I’d still definitely book direct in order to make the most of the new ‘Free Friday’ promotion. 

Hat-tip: ‘newmemberhere’ on Flyertalk


  1. Jack says

    Hi Joe, how did you manage that screenshot? Even though i get the pop up at the bottom assuring I’ll get the 75euro back it doesnt show up in the final price like it did in yours. Is this before you confirm your details? Thanks!

    • Joe Deeney says

      Hi Jack,

      Unfortunately, I’m not really sure what to suggest – I just tested again (on 3 different accounts) and it seemed to work exactly as before for me. The notification should be on the left side of the final confirmation page (just before you click to pay), under the total price, stating “After your booking has been verified and confirmed, you’ll receive your 75 Euro reward!”. Asking to help is the only thing I can think of, or maybe try a different browser (I used Google Chrome each time). Apologies for not being able to be more helpful!

  2. James says

    Any idea how long the promo will run for and for what dates the discount is eligible ?
    Or do there seem to be no restrictions on that ?

    I had thought the $$0 off $80 would only work on US accounts. Are your accounts US accopunts, UK accounts or another EU country account ?


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