Get 1,575 Bonus Avios! – Boosted TopCashback Offer

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Until 21st May 2017, new TopCashback members can receive a boosted signup bonus of 1,575 Avios (£15) for joining via our exclusive link here.

Joining TopCashback really is a guaranteed money-saver – we love it. Earning cashback on your travel spend is a great way to reduce the cost of your flights and hotels, and you can get a rebate on pretty much anything else you can think of too.

The New TopCashback Offer – More Cash, or More Avios

To benefit from the £15 (or 1,575 Avios) TopCashback sign up bonus, you simply need to sign up via this link, then click through to any retailer and spend £10 with them (so, to be clear, that £10 spend will qualify you for £15 cashback!).

With plenty of great cashback offers always available, I doubt you’ll struggle much to find something you’d be spending £10+ on anyway.

Should you take the £15 Cash or the Avios?

The choice is yours. If, having earned the £15 bonus you decide that you want Avios, you simply cash the £15 out to Avios – with the standard 5% transfer bonus, that will net you 1,575 Avios.

If there is a 25% transfer bonus on from TopCashback to Avios (like there currently is) when you want to transfer, you would actually end up with 1,875 Avios!

We value Avios at around 1 pence each, so there’s potential value in taking the Avios, but there are good reasons to consider taking the cash instead too – I don’t recommend automatically transferring to Avios without first considering the other options.

Bottom line

TopCashback is great – it’s basically free money back on things you would be buying anyway and it has saved me thousands.
The fact that you can cash out via Avios, and therefore effectively purchase Avios at a much cheaper rate than BA sells them directly, is a very useful benefit too.

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