Cheap British Airways Tier Points – Elite Status For Less

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I wrote about the current British Airways ‘Luxury Sale’ the other day, but concentrated on the long-haul offers in that post. There are also some decent fares currently available in short-haul Business Class (Club Europe) too, that could help you rack up some cheap British Airways Tier Points, if you are chasing elite status.

The cheapest Club Europe fares I can see are between London Heathrow and Billund in Denmark (home of Legoland!), for £176.90 Return:

Availability looks decent, though the cheapest fares seem to require staying a Saturday night. That would earn you 80 Tier Points (2 x 40) in total, which works out at a little over £2 per Tier Point, which is ok but not great.

If you want to get a little more inventive, if you could start your journey in Jersey (for example) you could then fly to Billund via Heathrow and back for £276.68.

That would earn you 160 Tier Points (4 x 40), which works out at about £1.72 per Tier Point, which is decent.

Do note that you have to get between Gatwick and Heathrow if flying to/from Jersey, so you might be better off paying a bit more to start your journey from Leeds/Manchester/Glasgow/etc – particularly if that is more convenient for you anyway.

You can also get a similar price per Tier Point flying straight from London on some of the longer Club Europe flights to destinations, like Malta or Istanbul, that earn 80 Tier Points per leg.

Again, if you’re feeling more adventurous (or need more Tier Points!) you can start from elsewhere and grab another 80 Tier Points (2 x 40).

240 Tier Points for ~£350 works out at £1.46 per Tier Point, which is very good.

(EDIT) In the comments, Pawel reminded (reprimanded? 🙂 ) me that the cheap London – Tallinn via Helsinki fares are still available. At £230.70 for 200 Tier Points (£1.15p per Tier Point), it’s a heck of a deal!

You can check out the full details on InsideFlyer Netherlands (use Google translate), where my esteemed colleague and occasional InsideFlyer UK contributor Lionell posted an extensive write-up.

Remember that you need at least 4 flights on BA planes to gain Silver status, as well as 600 Tier Points.

These are all just examples – there are plenty of other options too, of course. I find the easiest way to search is using a combination of ITA Matrix, Google Flights and the BA Low Fare Finder

If you want to double check how many Tier Points you will get for a particular flight, use the BA calculator here.

Cheap British Airways Tier Points Bonus

With thanks to ‘AscotShoes’ on Flyertalk, if you are looking for a proper holiday rather than a Tier Point run, BA is running a few Direct flights between Manchester and Mykonos with excellent fares – if you don’t mind spending a week there…

You would get 160 Tier Points (80 x 2) for your £203, so £1.27 per Tier Point – which is superb!

Remember that you require 600 Tier Points for Silver status and 1500 for Gold status. You can read more about elite status with BA and what each Tier gets you here.

Bottom line

With a bit of flexibility, you can use the current sale to grab some relatively cheap British Airways Tier Points.

Anyone got any interesting TP runs planned?


  1. Pawel says

    do more resarch

    231 GBP

    LHR-HEL-TLL and back A350 posible on both ways between LHR-HEL
    it could be done cheaper with Amex Bonus 50GBP off which I took advantage……

  2. GnarlyOldGoatDude says

    Grrr. As someone who would love to fly to Malta on BA but can never find availability at sensible prices, I envy anyone who can book far enough in advance to turn my trip home into a tier point run.

    • Joe Deeney says

      : ) Always the way – I see great fares and award availability for flights I don’t need all the time!

  3. Carl says

    2p per Tier Point?? I mean reaching BA gold for £30 would be great an everything, but I’m sure the math would make that £2 per tier point not 2p.

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