(DON’T FORGET) 25% Avios Transfer Bonus from TopCashback Ending Soon!

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Having just taken advantage of the offer myself, I thought I should post a quick reminder that TopCashback’s 25% Avios transfer bonus ends in a couple of weeks – 20th May 2017, to be precise.

Is the 25% Avios transfer bonus a good deal?

Ha – you know the answer by now: “It depends”.

The standard transfer bonus from TopCashback these days is 5%, so 25% is a substantial increase. With the 25% bonus, every 1p of cashback transferred will get you 1.25 Avios – in other words, you are effectively buying Avios for 0.8p per Point using your cashback.

At InsideFlyer, we value Avios as being worth roughly 1p each (and you can often redeem them for much more), so that’s a pretty good deal. I just transferred some over myself to help a friend get an Economy ticket to South America which saved them about 50%, without leaving me out of pocket.

I would certainly still consider other options rather than transferring automatically, but being able to buy Avios quickly and easily for 0.8p each isn’t bad at all.

New member sign-up offer

If you’re new to TopCashback, sign up through our exclusive link and get 1,050 bonus Avios for spending £10 at any retailer on the site (1,250 Avios if you transfer during a 25% bonus) – in addition to any standard cashback you would receive!

If you prefer cash, new sign ups to TopCashback who register via this link will get £10 cash for spending £10 or more at any merchant on the site.

Bottom line

I love getting money back on my travel (and other spend) through cashback sites and being able to use that credit to buy Avios for considerably less than what BA charges is a great bonus.

If you are thinking of using cashback to top up your Avios balance, remember to do it while the 25% Avios transfer bonus is on!

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